You Can Invest With Your Heart Says Bruce Bent II

You want to invest, but you have a list of companies you would rather Not place your money. Financial expert, Bruce Bent II says socially responsible investing has become very appealing. Bent points out that these socially responsible funds are screened based on their environmental standards and accountability. Of course, there aren’t enough socially responsible funds to exactly match every belief but investors are favoring some portfolios.

In the year 2000, Vanguard launched the investment fund, FTSE Social Index, a flexible domestic low-cost fund that meets the criteria for socially responsible. The fund has 436 stocks that meet the criteria and only 0.4 percent of holdings are foreign. The largest diversification goes towards technology, health care, and financials.

Why Invest In Money Market Funds?

These accounts pay a better interest rate your typical traditional savings accounts found in banking institutions. The money deposited in an money market investment fund is used to invest in different securities. These investments are short-term, but beyond the higher interest rate, these funds have other benefits for their investors. The investments are reliable and safe, with a high degree of liquidity, thanks to very short deadlines.

Many investors today would prefer to put their money where their heart is, and that leads us to socially responsible portfolios. Other than the well-known Vanguard, there are many other large portfolios, like TIAA-CREF Social Choice Bond that focuses on green initiatives and sustainability. There are also money market funds that aim to focus on faith-based investing, like Ava Maria and Epiphany for Catholic-centered standards, New Covenant for Presbyterians, or Islamic-based Amana Funds, that avoid pork products.

Financial strategic advisor, Bruce Bent II says overall, money market funds offer investors a strong, yet safe approach to investing with their heart. Bent is the Vice Chairman of Double Rock Corporation, a premier financial management company. His focus is on assisting individuals and businesses find key financial solutions. For decades, Bent has used detailed investment strategies to maximize opportunities, resulting in successful growth.

Prior to leading Double Rock Corporation, Bruce Bent II had leadership positions at several companies, including Partner at LF Rothschild and Company, and President at Reserve Management Company, Inc. Bent also took on the role to oversee several investment funds, like Senior VP of Hallmark Investment Series Trust, and Hallmark Convertible Securities Fund, and was named Trustee of the Reserve/Hallmark Funds complex.

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