Tidal Staying in Forward Motion with Desiree Perez’s Help

Tidal has went through its business ups and downs. The company was working on its third CEO in 2015. But with the company struggling, Jay-Z’s good friend, Desiree Perez stepped in and helped turn the company around. The playlist is now off the chain comparing how it use to be in the past. Perez is known as a fearless business woman who knows how to turn around any business in the entertainment industry. The New York Times refers to her as Babe Ruthless because of her rep on the streets and in the business world.

Tidal is working with limited resources and a ton of debt. But Desiree Perez is keeping the company in the right lane as it pushes forward gaining more interest and monetary gain. The Tidal app has gained popularity since February 22, when Kayne West dropped TLOP and an exclusive, which is a work in progress. Since then, over a million trial members have signed up with Tidal.

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Desiree Perez is helping Jay-Z revive the company Tidal. Tidal is the underdog in the music streaming service industry. But with Desiree Perez lending that helping hand to Jay-Z, Tidal is seeing an influx in new memberships and curiosity is soaring with music fans. Desiree Perez has helped Jay-Z transition from a well-known rapper, to the music streaming business.   More on musicbusinessworldwide.com.

Desiree Perez is no stranger to owning a business, business deals, and the entertainment industry. Her business skills are impeccable. She excels in negotiations and her accounting skills are extraordinary. Her husband is “OG” Juan Perez. He heads Roc Nation Sports. The husband/wife duo are in the Hova Circle of Influence along with Chaka Pilgrim, Jay Brown, Jana Fleischman, and TyTy Smith, check this on  templeofthecave.com. They oversee and manage all operations with Roc Nations, various areas of management, and Tidal too.  For additional read, click hitsdailydouble.com.

See https://www.crunchbase.com/person/desiree-perez#/entity

Yanni Hufnagel’s Passion For Basketball Shines Through

Yanni Hufnagel is indomitable. This man really loves basketball and it shows with everything he does. He is one of college basketball’s best recruiters because the passion that he has for the game shines through him so brightly that top prospects around the country want to play for him.


This is crazy considering that a young Yanni Hufnagel wasn’t even capable of making his high school varsity basketball team. But let’s not get the illusion that he was not athletic. Growing up in Scarsdale, New York, he was a stellar lacrosse player. But that’s not the sport he wanted to play. After one season playing college lacrosse, he quit and transferred to Cornell University.


He just had to stay close to the game so he took an unpaid internship with the New Jersey Nets washing player jerseys. After graduating, he took a position as a graduate assistant at Oklahoma simply in order to help with the basketball team. That is where he made good friends with NBA star Blake Griffin. Yanni Hufnagel was known to rebound for the NBA big man late into the night after practices.


But he really got to show off his recruiting chops at Harvard University, taking an unpaid assistant coaching position after Oklahoma. In his four years with the Crimson Tide the team went 79-24. He assembled the team that won the school’s first Ivy League championship and was awarded assistant coach most likely to succeed by a CBS Sports poll of college coaches.


He departed Harvard for Villanova where he was able to assemble a recruiting class that included two NBA draft picks. He put together one of the country’s best that courts when he moved on to UC Berkeley. He is now the assistant coach and had recruiter for the University of Nevada, Reno.

Adam Goldenberg; co-CEO of Justfab Inc

Adam Goldenberg was recently on CNBC to discuss the online fashion retailer JustFab. He explains there are two options to shop from the company; through regular retail or through a VIP membership. The membership is monthly and this allows a customer the freedom to buy one month and skip another or whatever they decide. The VIP membership has the benefit of lower prices for the same items of non VIP members. Mr. Goldenberg explains when signing up for a membership through the company that it is an opt-in membership. So he encourages customers to understand before signing up what they are signing up for and for members to check in monthly.

Mr. Goldenberg believes he and the company will be successful for a few reasons. One reason is that in order to have any success you have to have a great passion for customers. Customers are the source of a company becoming great and so he focuses to make sure his customers are always taken care of and happier with their shopping experiences. Many of the customers are people that were referred by family and friends who are already members. He also says they are building brands, brands that were created 15 to 50 years ago before social media and such. He feels the future of fashion is going to change and it will become more technologically advanced becoming more online based. He also explains what makes his company different is that many different name brands are offered and they are all offered at lower affordable costs then you would find at other companies.

While on CNBC, Mr Goldenberg stated the company is now a cash positive, fully funded company and they no longer do fundraisers. Fashion is always changing and there is always competition within the industry so Mr. Goldenberg used data to his advantage in order to determine what were risks and what path should be taken. Using data to figure out how inventory would be handled, the company is able to determine inventory at a %95 accuracy (forecast inventory demand), which allows the company to have no obsolete inventory and in so doing can pass on the savings to their customers.

On August 16, 2016, JustFab announced it’s name has changed to TechStyle. Mr. Goldenberg explained the name change is because the company has a platform driven by data and personallization of it’s customers and the name captures the essence of the company. The company at first had JustFab, but now operates numerous brands (Shoedazzle, JustFab, Fabletics, and FabKids). (Schlossberg, para 4) As CEO, Mr. Goldenberg wanted to focus on his customers having positive experiences due to customer reviews with negative feedback and so numerous changes have been made along with the name.




Lime Crime Allows Makeup Lovers To Express Their Creativity

After much anticipation among beauty lovers everywhere, Lime Crime has launched its newest shade to add to the coveted Velvetines line. “Scandal” is a deep, dark and moody violet that is sure to grab


Like all Velvetines lipsticks, “Scandal” has a velvety matte finish. The unique liquid-to-matte formula was created to mimic the texture of rose petals. All of the Velvetines shades resemble the moody hues of roses.


The lipstick has already received attention from beauty bloggers who anxiously wait for a new Lime Crime product to appear on the company’s website. Since 2008, Lime Crime has managed to maintain its extremely loyal fan base. Doe Deere, CEO and founder of the brand, knows her customer’s needs and refuses to copy trends that are taking over the shelves of makeup aisles.


When Deere launched her brand almost ten years ago, it was to fill a gap in the cosmetics market. Deere had gravitated toward bright colors, metallic finishes and lots of glitter since childhood. When she would shop for makeup, she would be disappointed to find that few makeup brands made the kind of attention-grabbing products that she was looking for.


Therefore, she created her own makeup brand. Instead of creating products that are meant to hide flaws, she dreams up whimsical lipsticks, eyeliners and eyeshadows that allow makeup consumers to express their own unique personalities.


Her dedication to creating unique and unapologetically attention-grabbing makeup has earned her the devoted customers that worship the brand. The bold and intensely pigmented products give beauty consumers permission to experiment with their faces.


The brand was created for creative individuals who think outside of the current trends. However, many beauty companies have since tried to copy the brand’s products. Since the company’s launch, more and more makeup companies have started mimicking Lime Crime’s formulas and signature shades.


However, Deere isn’t deterred. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Plus, she has nothing to worry about as the brand’s social media pages boast millions of followers and Lime Crime’s products are renowned among beauty bloggers for their unparalleled quality. As long as the brand continues to stay true to its unique creative vision, the brand will only continue to dominate the millennial cosmetics market.


Testimonials to help you Realize your Dream through Nine9

Most talented people don’t pursue their dreams due to rejection from agencies. Some are hurt and discouraged by the language most agents use to dismiss them, and this is where Nine9 comes in. Read the following stories from successful people who were once rejected and nearly quit. Visit CEO of Nine9.

Dieunoosha B

The talented young lady was on the verge of giving up her dream of acting.She found her path through Nine9, and her life has changed completely.The ordinary girl is destined for greatness, and her dream is coming true thanks to Nine9.

James V

James had been Nine9 for barely two months and has been invited to several auditions. His first film is a horror, suspense, comedy assignment that will be released later in the year. He will also be an Extra in another movie.He constantly receives emails and is glad he signed with Nine9.

Klayresse R

She registered with Nine9 in New York, and within a few months, un agency she has been called to two castings. A renowned sexy hair modeling show company contacted her and was booked.She is looking forward to a brighter future with Nine9. Nine9 Blog Here.

Nine9 is here to encourage those aspiring to join the modeling and acting industry not to give up. Anyone is welcome to sign up with agency.Nine9 goes against the norm and represents the majority of talent out there.They are the 99% who have nowhere else to go.In the years they have been in business, they have become a brand synonymous with success. Watch Video .

Nine9 is unique and does things the other way round. They are consist and involved which is a motivation to those who have signed with them. Their work ethic and positivity is everything anyone with a dream needs. The opportunities at Nine9 range from television and movies to commercial, music video, runway, print and promotional gigs and castings.

https://www.ziprecruiter.com/jobs/nine9-d96f2301 for more.


Tattoo Trends That Didn’t Last


While tattoo trends will come and go, tattoos will unfortunately last a lifetime. If you were smart enough not to take part in these horrible tattoo trends then you most likely have forgotten about them by now. However, for some of you, you have these tattoos permanently reminding you about how horrible the trends were! Here are some of the worst tattoo trends that have ever taken place:


  1. Dreamcatchers: One of the worst tattoos ever. . .while for some these tattoos meant something to them, and may have even helped them feel closer to the American Southwest, for others all this tattoo meant was “I quickly have to just pick something off of the wall”.
  2. Bracelets or Anklets: These were cool to get if you were pretty fancy in the late ’80s or early ’90s.
  3. Tribal: Again, like bracelets and anklets, these were very popular back in the ’90s. They technically have been popular for over 2,000 years but in the ’90s, every guy who wanted a conversation starter at the bar went out to get one of these bad boys.
  4. Butterfly Tattoos: Girls in the early 2000s wanted to either be just like all of their friends getting bitterly tattoos or they wanted to let the world know that they were ready to fly away. Which one are you?
  5. Tramp Stamps: Another ’90s popular tattoo that is located on the lower back, right about the booty. Whether it was received on spring break or you again didn’t want to feel left out by all your friends with tramp stamps, everyone knows when it’s there!


Which of these horrible tattoo trends do you have, and are you considering cover up tattoos?

Gregory Finch; a Specialist in Spine Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery is a form of treatment performed on the musculoskeletal system. In the event of injury or any other cause, an orthopedic surgery is carried out on the system. The term musculoskeletal refers to bone structures, joints, and adjacent tissues. The muscles and tendons that hold the bone structure together are also a part of the musculoskeletal system and are treated by orthopedic procedures.


Statistics obtained from several hospitals regarding orthopedic procedures shows that the most common orthopedic procedure carried out are:

  • Arthroscopy- this is the most common orthopedic procedure performed. It involves the total replacement of joints. It may be as a result of arthritis or any other condition. The treatment done relieves pain. A metal or plastic surface is added to restore normal joint movement.
  • Shoulder scope- this procedure is done on the shoulders. It aims at replacing damaged parts of the bone. Metal or plastic implants takes the place of the damaged shoulder bone. Also, in shoulder arthroscopy, rotator cuff tendon repair is frequently done.
  • Soft tissue repair- this procedure is very frequent in athletes’ and people engaging in activities that may lead to muscle tearing.
  • ACL Reconstruction- this procedure is done on the knee. Anterior Cruciate Ligament provides stability to the knee. When it ruptures, this operation is carried out to stabilize it.


Mr. Gregory Finch is an Australian based orthopedic surgeon. Gregory Finch has specialized in the treatment of spinal defects. He graduated from the University of Auckland in the year 1991 where he studied medicine and mastered in surgery.

Gregory has worked with several spine facilities and is currently working as an orthopedic spine surgeon at Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service. He has majored on minimally invasive surgeries but trained in all spine aspects. Gregory Finch is a member of the Spine Society of Australia, NASS, and Australian Orthopedics Association.


The achievement of Vincent Parascandola at AXA Advisors

AXA Advisors’ job is to deliver financial security to other organizations and to their customers. It is a French International Company. it is a successful firm that has kept serving its clients with reliability and loyalty. The company started running in 1859. One of the accomplishments of the company is that their customers are always fulfilled with the services given to them. Investment management and worldwide insurance are the key services provided by AXA Advisors.

In the year 2016, the organization linked up with the best 3 global financial service brands. ASA Advisors has its program in the Middle East, Western Europe, The Asia-Pacific region and North America. It was previously known as Mutuelle de L’assurance center L’incendie. After some time it decided to go with AXA in the year 1985. Winterthur group is known to be one of the top insurance firms in Swiss and as a result ASA achieved it by a sum of €9 billion.

The organization is found in Paris on the 8th arrondissement. Apart from supplying their services to their customers, the firm also participates in a number of charitable works. Some of these works are; the basis of AXA Research Fund that was in 2008. This research helps in caring and preventing the dangers that are associated with the community, humanity and the environment.

The senior vice president of AXA Advisors is Vincent Parascandola. He graduated from Pace University with a bachelor’s degree in science. At the company, he is in charge of enlargement of fresh financial experts, employment, sales, organization of growth and efficiency.

He first landed a job at Prudential as an agent. He has experience of 25 years in his entire career in business. Later on he became part of MONY Life Insurance Company. His service with management was excellent and after a while he was with AXA Advisors.

Before being a senior vice president at the firm, he was the president at AXA Equitable unit. He was also a co-administrator of firm’s branch in New York. Parascondala is a successful man who has received a number of awards. They include; Master Agency Awards and GAMA’s Career Development.

Andrea McWilliams Turns the Tide When it Comes to National Politics:

Andrea McWilliams is a foremost political presence in the state of Texas. Andrea is a consultant, a political mentor and businessperson. She has been named as Businesswoman finalist of the year; and provided other awards, from distinguished organizations–year-after-year. So: What is McWilliams’s secret to success? The following text reveals much about the “industry” and the power, in McWilliams’s advice-giving. She, remains on the national political scene; and acts as an advisor to some of the most influential people in government and the private and not-for-profit sectors.

Accolades Spill Out When McWilliams’s Arrives on the Scene:

Andrea McWilliams wins one award after another: and year-after-year. Her Community Involvement is commendable.

First off: Andrea McWilliams has received the highly-prestigious award of “Profile in Power”. This award is given by the ‘Austin Business Journal.

The Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce did not hesitate to notice Andrea’s solid business performance, either. They awarded Ms. McWilliams with the “2016 Texas Businesswoman of the Year Finalist:” award.

The young set: girls with good morals and courage: who wish to grow up and to become a career inspiration—like Andrea—also became “part of the awards list,” of Ms. McWilliams: ‘The Girl Scouts of Central Texas’, recognized Andrea McWilliams’s, quotient of success, by providing her with the prestigious “Woman of Distinction” award. If that was not enough: several years back, McWilliams received the highly-revered award of: “Austin Under 40”.

The ‘Austin American-Statesman’, honored Ms. McWilliams, by making her a Member of its “Glossy 8 List.”

McWilliams, currently has received the “Style Setter” award—which was presented to her during Austin Fashion Week. The award is pertinent in that it awards the dedication of the recipient, applauding her commitment to not-for-profit organizations.

Needless to say: Ms. McWilliams’s determined spirit and her inspirational business acumen does not go unnoticed by the highly progressive city of Austin, Texas.

She additionally, remains a National presence, too. In example, McWilliams’s success, with regard to her political activities has been reported within the eminent business publication of the: ‘The Wall Street Journal’. McWilliams’s national media presence is all over the board. Many well regarded magazines and news programs have reported about McWilliams’s successful political activities. Suffice it to say: if all of us became involved, politically, as much as McWilliams, there would be little to complain about.

USHEALTH Group – Offering Highly Innovative And Affordable Insurance Products

USHEALTH Group is among the most trusted names in the United States when it comes to health and medical insurance providers. The company has been consistently delivering an affordable and reliable range of family, health and life insurance products through its subsidiaries, namely Freedom Life Insurance Company and National Foundation Life Insurance Company. The company has over 15 million customers, and the customer base continues to grow exponentially as more and more people get aware of the flexible product and reasonable coverage USHEALTH Group provides. The company has been around in the healthcare and insurance sector for over 50 years and has considerable experience to offer customers exactly what they are looking for – value for money.

As a comprehensive insurance service provider, USHEALTH Group has a diverse range of products on offer, including income protector insurance, USHEALTH Insurance , family insurance, accident insurance, family protection insurance, specific disease insurance, and more. The company believes in giving control to the customers when it comes to the price of the insurance and the coverage on offer. The insurance products offered can be customized as per the requirements of the clients to ensure higher protection at a lesser price. The customized products afforded by the company and the personalized experience provided by the firm’s representatives is further amplified by the highly attentive and quick customer service. Any and all queries by the customers are responded to and resolved quickly and efficiently to ensure existing, as well as potential clients, gets the best of services, always.

USHEALTGH based in Fort Worth Texas, is a preferred choice for many enterprises and families when it comes to their insurance needs. The company has received A+ Rating from the highly respected Better Business Bureau, which signifies the level of service, standards and quality products offered by the corporation. The company believes in customer satisfaction and therefore, continues to innovate and develop new insurance products that are crafted to meet the needs of the customers. People looking for insurance products can browse through their wide range of insurance products on offer and further customize it to fit the budget precisely. It recently received Gold Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service, which showcases the commitment and dedication of the firm for its clientele.

About USHEALTH Group: www.ushealth-group.com