Nine9 and The Success of the 99%

We all have become quite accustomed to one particular phrase that is used to describe the divisive environment that is currently engulfing society, a simple percentage that warrants abortion beyond that which is normally reserved for math equations, the 1%. Used to symbolize the extreme disconnect between the world that the majority of the world resides in, the 99% of us, and the world privy to the select few, the 1%.  More Details .

The rallying cry that has been shouted throughout streets in New York City and beyond has finally found a company built around echoing its message.

Anthony Toma’s UnAgency Created for The Majority

Over the last few years, Nine9 Talent Agency has built itself around the idea that the majority of people who wish to find success within the entertainment industry are not properly represented by the slew of casting and talent agencies that currently purport to help individuals find stardom and success. Nine9 News Here .

For those 99% that are going under represented and under served within the industry, Anthony Toma’s revolutionary talent agency actively gives prospective actors and models, who may have been turned away by other agencies, the opportunity to build their own successes. Founder and CEO Anthony Toma created the company with the mission of helping prepare future talent for a lifelong career within entertainment by giving them not only the connections they will need to get started in their career but also the tools and skills to ensure their passion can be followed over a long career path.

Anthony Toma, The Revolution Within the Industry, and IdeaMensch

Carving out your own path to success often leaves individuals with a store of valuable insight gained from previous successes as well as failures, all of which were put on display for the readers of IdeaMensch this week. Watch Video .

If you are interseted in learning more about Nine9 and Anthony Toma please read IdeaMensch’s piece on their blog,


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