Felipe Montoro Jens, The Brazilian Structural Expert

Water is life, and its availability certainly makes the world a better place. Think of cleanliness, the resilient life of flora and fauna and the many other purposes it serves. Without water, the situation would be the complete opposite, tough and unbearable. Most importantly, water provides for basic sanitation. It ensures that killer ailments associated with sanitation like cholera and typhoid, which represent quite a significant percentage of global deaths, are kept at bay. Felipe Montoro Jens helps us understand how sanitation concessions in Brazil will assist in its development.


Felipe Montoro Jens is among other roles a specialist in infrastructure projects. Through his expertise in this field, he analyses the current sanitation situation in Brazil and how the proposed concessions will bring change to the nation. He believes that under this new initiative, improvements in the area of management, structural and resources will be witnessed through service delivery. Common knowledge is that 90% of Brazil’s basic sanitation is provided by the public sector and only 70% access these state services. He claims that the introduction of the private sector into the initiative will reinforce the outcome and will lead to better service provision.


Felipe Montoro points out that water loss is the main course of wasted financial resources. Financial losses in the public domain as a result of water wastage are beyond comprehension. Consequently, users of these services do not access them due to the wastage. He explains that with the resources and advanced technology in the private sector, water management is simplified and also increases investments in the sewage network. Besides, it leads to improvements in the financial capacity of public firms.


Montoro is a patriotic citizen of Brazil. He has a firm academic foundation in Business Administration. His career background is rich and extensive having ventured in the areas of technology, petroleum, water and sewage, infrastructure and real estates. Besides, he is an expert in financial matters, and he is a consultant in auditing, project development, and structural finance.  http://www.checkdirector.co.uk/director/felipe-montoro-jens/

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