Famous Rappers Who Have KILLED People


The rap game is one of the weirdest aspects in the musical/entertainment world. While we understand that the entertainment industry is different than the rest of the world, it is somehow even more than that. Many rappers talk a big talk in their verses about being big, bad, rich, and powerful. However, some other rappers lived these words. Today we are looking at a couple of rappers who have actually KILLED someone, with proof.


Gucci Mane

If you want to talk about rappers who have killed then look no further. Gucci Mane has been arrested so many times that we’ve honestly gotten to expecting it. Gucci Mane’s story starts in 2005 when the rapper was jumped by five men while relaxing in his friend’s apartment. Gucci managed to draw his gun, shooting and killing Pookie Loc in self defense. Gucci Mane beat the murder rep but he ended up in jail anyway for other matters. Whelp.


Cool C

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Cool C was going to change the rap game back in the ’90s. Cool C blew up with hishit song, “Life in the Ghetto” but he ended up in prison just a little while later — for murdering a Philadelphia police officer by the name of Lauretha Vaird. Cool C was quickly found guilty and sentenced to death. His trial was quick but Cool C has gotten two stays of execution and thus he still sits on death row, waiting for his execution.  Cool C maintains his innocence, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s become just another one of the broke rappers that could have been something huge.

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