Fabletics by Kate Hudson is Poised to do Battle with Amazon in the Fashion Niche

Amazon is currently riding high when it comes to selling fashion on their website, but over the last three years they have been getting some serious competition from a company with a well-known founder. In the last three years, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, a unique retail and online clothing company, has been exploding in popularity and sales. Her company has made over $250 in those few years, and she is poised to have he company do battle for the top spot against Amazon.


To hear it from Hudson herself, she wanted to create a unique buying experience for women that allowed them to get high-quality merchandise at low prices. Where she added her own unique twist has to do with the reverse-showrooming process, something that appeals to her growing audience each year.


According to Hudson, women can register at her Fabletics website, and then they are encourage to take the Lifestyle Quiz. This quiz is essential to the overall experience she says, allowing shoppers to walk into any of her retail outlets and whether they buy or not, all those items are tracked and kept in the online profile for later consideration.


If a shopper returns to the website at midnight, they can shop without pressure, browsing through all the items they tried on in the store or looking at new arrivals in their size.


The Fabletics is all about making the shopping experience easier. Once the quiz results are applied to the account, each month the consumer will receive a recommendation on a new arrival or something that may be to their liking. The consumer is under no pressure to buy, in fact, they can accept the suggestion, reject it, or shop for something different. With new arrivals coming out all the time, the Fabletics helps women to stay on the cutting edge of fashion by getting these unique pieces of apparel before anyone else.


Unlike Amazon, where shoppers basically are guessing if the items are going to fit, the Fabletics works in reverse. Women are already in the Fabletics retail stores, feeling the merchandise, trying on the merchandise, and all these actions are recorded at the members profile page. When they feel like shopping at home one night, the website recommends items based on your size and your preferences, so you already know how the items are going to fit and look on your body.


Amazon could never create the same Fabletics experience, part of the reason this company is poised to exceed last years numbers.

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