Desiree Perez, The White Night of Tidal

We all know how Tidal has taken the music streaming services by storm. Tidal, a music streaming app that is owned by Jay-Z.In 2015, he bought a Swedish company called Aspiro and transformed it to the hip startup it is today. It’s pivotal moment being when he brought in his most influential friends in the music industry such as Kanye West and Rihanna for a meeting where he got them on board with his creation.


Tidal has since enjoyed its spot in the limelight as the first music service with High Fidelity sound quality. It enjoyed the top spot on the App Store following the release of Kanye’s The Life Of Pablo, check on However, not only does it serve as a platform for true music lovers to find and enjoy their favorite artists, but also a platform for artists to reclaim the music industry.

But with the new defect of a string of C.E.Os, one is left to wonder who then exactly is piloting this plane? Well, I guess we could say Jay-Z secret weapon is his longtime friend, Desiree Perez, a producer and business woman who is a tough cookie and doesn’t crumble easily. Follow Dez on her page.

Desiree perez has secured some deals for the music platform by launching products like exclusive live performance(Tidal X) and emerging artists (Tidal Rising), that have seen the previously unstable music streaming company thrive in the competitive market.

Desiree Perez runs SC enterprises, which negotiated artist Beyonce’s formation tour. With years of experience in the music industry, she is an invaluable asset to Jay Z’s brainchild, Tidal. She is commonly referred to as ‘babe ruthless’ for her ferocity in business and has revealed that the company will be in business for a long time.  For More of Dez Updates, click here.

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