Desiree Perez, The Unseen Force Behind Tidal.

Tidal, Jay-Z’s musical streaming investment was in bad shape before the entry of Desiree Perez. Sinking in debt and experiencing a mass exodus of managing executives, it was on its death bed. What spectators didn’t know was that Desiree Perez was burning the midnight oil to put Tidal back in the world’s competitive music hall of fame.

Dez Perez, as she is also known, has a strong working relation with Jay-z spanning more than twenty years. She is a smart and hard negotiator and has been credited with being the brains behind Beyonce’s formation tour and Rihanna’s sign up deal with Samsung. Desiree Perez also works alongside Tidal’s co-owners T.I and Kanye West.

She manages the multimillion investments alongside Jay-Z in various capacities from managing the record label to publishing and overall management of Roc Nation. Follow Dez on her page, and learn more about her and her work. Dez is the behind the scenes magnetic force that seeks to make Tidal’ music streaming investment a massive hit despite its shaky past. Her strategy includes expanding the membership base since the numbers had started dwindling and she is doing impressively with new members’ subscription.

Committed and dedicated doesn’t quite aptly capture this lady. Her successes in Roc Nation are evident. She works incognito, and little is known about her. Desiree Perez is married to Juan Perez, a long-time ally of Jay-Z.

Her capabilities stretch like an octopus’s tentacles. Desiree Perez is actively engaged in sports and athletes under the Roc Nations Sports wing that is currently managed by her husband. She is the one that encouraged Alex Rodriguez, the Yankee baseball star to fight back the biogenesis doping litigation charges. Alex Rodriguez had been contemplating a disgracing exit from the sport as he was battling a myriad of challenges arising from his drug addiction, rehab stints, and sport related injuries. For more of this, click here.

She is currently managing Jay Z’s club 40/40, a club in Manhattan. She is also a business lady in her capacity, also an influential member of the Hova circle, refer to for the full article.

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