Desiree Perez; The Mastermind Behind Tidal’s Revitalisation

As with any multi-billion dollar industry, the music streaming niche is highly competitive. In a race dominated by established giants, Tidal is regarded by numerous folks as a minnow. However, this underdog stature mat soon changes thanks to the resilience of Desiree Perez, the lady entrusted with running the service. She has displayed steadfast commitment in ensuring Tidal remains relevant, paying zero attention to critics.

Several managers have succumbed to the intense pressure associated with managing the entity, but Jay Z, the proprietor, remains confident that his venture will undergo a renaissance, check .Though a majority of cynics had written Tidal off, its ownership has proved them wrong by staying strong. In partnership with Desiree Perez, Jay Z was able to weather the storm. In recent days, the company’s fortunes have upturned, witness a rapid increase in new subscriptions. While Desiree is determined to add more clients, she knows that attracting them is the priority.

One strategy that has proven to be fruitful is the delegation of contract issues to Desiree. Using her vast knowledge on the subject, she has managed to close deals worth colossal amounts of money. Desiree is the mastermind behind a myriad of pacts signed by Roc Nation, a consortium under which Tidal falls.  For more of her activities, click here.

Though Jay Z is not as good a businessman as he is a musician, he has the nose of finding the appropriate individuals to do business on his behalf. His appointment of Desiree Perez is a testament to this. Under Desiree’s leadership, Tidal has undergone enormous improvement, given that it was almost given up for lost.

Desiree Perez is no stranger to business. Her exemplary strategies have seen Tidal’s flagship musician release record-breaking albums,  follow Dez on her page. Rihanna, Kanye West, and Beyoncé all released albums that took the music world by storm. To cap it all, the Tidal app also broke new ground regarding subscriber numbers. The application was downloaded over a million times, an unmatched achievement.


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