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One Diet, Dozens of Competitors: NutriMost and Its Rivals

More than half of the country is either overweight or obese, so there is no denying that the need for relevant diet programs is a health necessity rather than just a cosmetic fad. Although the majority of diet companies promise that their clients will lose weight fast with little effort on their end, they often cannot deliver those promises. NutriMost, however, is making waves across the country as dozens of people are stepping forward to share their success stories. Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video “Everyone gains weight differently and loses weight differently so programs that don’t address each patient’s specific needs are bound to fail,” states an article describing NutriMost. Using their specialized technology, a team of professionals analyzes genetic markers in a person’s body that symbolize how they gain weight and where they tend to gain it. From there, they construct personalized plans that guarantee their clients will not feel hunger as they lose forty or more pounds in just a few short weeks. Surely with such profound results, competitors take notice. While the similarities are hard to ignore, the fact that the competitor kept NutriMost testimonials in their video speaks volumes about their basic thievery. The only difference depicted in the short film is the name of the diet, which is referred to as the “Can’t Lose Diet.” Though this argument has yet to be settled, one thing remains for certain: NutriMost works and others are eager to achieve the same triumph.

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Weight Loss Company Takes Targeted Approach To Dieting

Weight loss company Nutrimost recently sued Healthy Living for using one of its testimonial videos without its permission. According to legal filings, the Healthy Living web site stands accused of using the company’s promotional video which included product performance claims and customer testimonials. Healthy living went further changing names in the video to that of […]

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