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Britain’s Laidlaw Violates US Regulations

The investment industry is a business like any other; they make money from my money. In securities, bad advice means more volume and more fees. The problem is compounded by the media, who consistently provide stories like “Top Stock Picks for 2016” that are really a means to engage their audience. Some of these media […]

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Sanjay Shah Can Do Anything He Sets His Mind To

When someone is an entrepreneur like Sanjay Shah, there isn’t much in life that they can’t do, as when they their put their heart, soul, and mind into something, they truly commit. That is how he started his own brokerage firm in Solo Capital. He used to be an accountant and even worked for banks […]

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Laidlaw & Company Is Under Heavy Scrutiny

There might have been a day with Laidlaw & Company along with its principals Matthew Eitner and James Ahern were the kings of investment banking, but those days are gone. As soon as they entered the news that a U.S. Federal Court issued a restraining order against them, those days went out the window. This […]

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