Bruce Bent II’s Path to Success With Financial Management Companies

Bruce Bent the Second is perhaps one of the most accomplished second generations of financial management families. His father being Bruce Bent, a financial management genius who helped create and manage the first money management fund. His father created this management program with H.R. Bent in 1970 and thus launched a pioneered campaign of success. Bruce Bent after having Bruce Brent II decided to continue the family business through successfully educating his son in the ways of financial management corporations. Having the guidance of his father at hand Bruce Bent II were able to push forward with a successful career of his own.

Early Success With the Hallmark
Bruce Bent II grew to major leadership as the co-CEO of the Hallmark Investment Series Trust. At Hallmark Bruce Bent II has been able to raise a widely successful career within the investment industry. Being in command of a large investment trust management company has allowed Bruce Bent to showcase the skills and knowledge gained from his father in his early years or study. The Hallmark fund would establish the future crucial years of Bruce Bent II’s illustrious career. Bent’s career would span across a variety of distinctive positions at Hallmark, and see him taking on many unusual managerial positions. This would go on to help him become even more successful at his current position at Double Rock Corp.

Double Rock Corp and the Future
Double Rock Corp is where Bruce Bent II currently works. His position at the company is as the Vice President and Chairman. Double Rock Corp is a leading financial cash management organization that helps businesses, and individuals deal with their monetary resources. It is at Double Rock Corp that Bruce Bent II have been able to establish himself into the modern generation of fiscal businesses.

Thanks to his father, Bruce Bent II continues to further himself in his father’s legacy. Through his work, he has been able to manage financial management companies into great success. Bent’s work has created millions of dollars in revenue for himself as well as for the companies in which he worked with. His success has created a great future of success.

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