Zayn Malik Spotted At Awards Show In Paris

Did Zayn Malik really mean it when he said he was tired of the limelight? It seems as if he was faking us all out because he has done so many things that have gotten him back onto the front page. Zayn released a single that was a remake. Zayn Malik Sighting. Zayn also dyed his hair green, and he went onto social media to show off his piercings. Zayn has done the opposite of what someone does when they are tired of the paparazzi chasing them around.

Even though it’s rumored that Zayn really wanted to break away from One Direction so he could start a solo career, this information has yet to be proven. Zayn showed up on one red carpet this past year after he left One Direction, but now he’s been spotted in a completely different place. Zayn was spotted at the Valentino Awards in Paris, and Christian Broda said he came with bleached blonde hair, and he had a very long coat. Although he looked great, he also sat in the front row, which is not where someone with sit if they were tired of getting flash photography.

It seems as if Zayn’s scheme to leave his group is just that, a scheme. It honestly looks like Zayn loves the limelight just as much as anyone else, but he wants the limelight for himself, and he doesn’t want to share it with a bunch of other guys.

Amber Rose Masks Her Wiz Khalifa Tattoo

Some people love someone enough to where they’ll tattoo the person’s name on their body. Although it seems to be a great risk to tattoo a name on the flesh, what about someone who is foolish enough to tattoo someone’s entire face on their body? Amber Rose’s Tattoo. There are many celebrities out there that have regretted the fact that they’ve tattoos their significant other on their body. Celebrities such as Melanie Griffith, Nick Cannon, and Amber Rose, they all had tried to mask or get rid of a tattoo that bears the name or the face of their significant other.

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa broke up a while ago, and although the two are still legally married, they started dating other people within weeks of announcing their breakup. Brian Bonar has heard a number of rumors. In all honesty, many feel that the relationship was doomed to fail from the beginning. They had a child before they got married, they got married within a short period of knowing each other, and divorce rumors came about a year later. Maybe it was a world wind romance, but the diss tracks that Wiz made about Amber, they definitely made it look like he never loved her in the first place.

Amber Rose got a tattoo of Wiz Khalifa’s face on her left arm, and recently, the tattoo seems to have disappeared. In a recent post Amber put on social media, flowers were visible where Wiz Khalifa’s face used to be. Guess that tattoo is gone for good.

The Talk about Taylor

Taylor Swift has forced Apple’s hand after they released a statement detailing how they would be offering their streaming service free for three months. Taylor Swift took to Tumblr to pen a strongly worded letter detailing how she felt ripped off as an artist and that she wouldn’t be allowing her platinum status album “1989” to be streamed on Apple’s streaming service. Instead of the music company offering the music for free, the tech company should be footing the bill for musicians, producers, writers, and those involved with the making of the music. Swift persuaded the company into meeting her demands about the streaming service. After numerous entertainment sources took to the internet to applaud Swift for her demeanor and candor, one photographer accused the singer of double standards when it came to the streaming deal with Apple.


The photographer, Jason Sheldon, released a letter asking Swift to play fair and change her photo policy. Just like Swift doesn’t want Apple giving away her music for free, photographers don’t want to give away their marketing materials for free. Swift and her team have a policy that includes hiring photographers for shows, having them snap pictures of the artist, and then signing a contract that states that Swift and her camp can use the photos anytime for an extensive period of time. Jason Sheldon completely agrees with Swift and her stance on the music streaming matter, he just wishes she would follow the same rules that she sets for herself as well. Adam Sender sees a compromise coming at some point.

Young Thug Plans Album Release On Same Date As Lil’ Wayne

Young Thug, who has worked with Cash Money Records, he has always said that Lil’ Wayne is someone who he looks up to you and really respects, so why is he always going after him? Lil’ Wayne vs. Young Thug. Ever since Birdman and Lil’ Wayne fell out, it seems as if Young Thug has been trying to replace Lil’ Wayne on his record label. Young Thug came out saying that he was going to entitle the name of his new album “The Carter 6.” Lil’ Wayne is named Carter, and that’s why he named his albums after himself, so how was Young Thug going to steal his name?

After fans complained, and after Lil’ Wayne sued Young Thug over his album title, Young Thug went ahead and changed the name. It’s obvious that Young Thug is angry for being forced to change the name of his album, so now he’s taking a different approach. Lil’ Wayne is releasing an album on July 4, 2015, which is an unusual release date. Even with July 4th being a weird release date, MoonShineInk reported that Young Thug came out right after Lil’ Wayne, and he stated that his new album would be released on the same exact date.

It’s obvious that Young Thug has no respect for an elder in the rap game, and he can’t stop while he’s ahead. Young Thug is obviously trying to live up to his name, and he’s looking for a fight, but he’s going after the wrong person.

New Order Releasing New Album

Popular 1980s alternative band New Order is releasing a new record. Best known for their groundbreaking dance music, the band broke up in the 1990s but have reunited several times with varying lineups since then. Their music has been covered by a number of younger artists in recent years.

The band released part of one of the new songs on the Internet so that people could get a sense of the music. It definitely sounds like their old dance music. It’s heavy on synthesized sounds, and it doesn’t have the punk feel of their earliest work. The strong drum beat is still there. Sam Tabar said that it seems to me that New Order is keeping their signature sound but is trying to expand on it a little.

New Order wrote some of the iconic alternative songs of the 1980s, and it is great to have them back. In my opinion, New Order is a band that writes songs better than they perform them. I think that some of the covers of their work have been better than the originals. An example of this is Frente’s cover of “Bizarre Love Triangle.” In any event, it will be interesting to hear all the new songs on this upcoming album.

Artists Will Be Paid During Apple’s Free Trial

To promote Apple’s streaming music service the company is offering a three month free trial to customers according to Andy Wirth. This will give consumers a chance to use the service to see how well it works, and to see if it’s something they want to continue with once the trial is over. Of course, by doing this Apple hopes consumers will enjoy it so much that they will subscribe to the service once the trial is over. Being able to sample the new service is a way to keep customers happy.

However, not everyone is happy with this new free trial. Several musicians were not happy to learn that they would not be paid during the free trial. Taylor Swift was among the most vocal about what she sees as unfair to the artist. After receiving complaints Apple has rethought their decision and changed their mind. The company has agreed to pay artists during the free trial period. Taylor Swift has planned to without her album from the service. There has been no word yet on whether she’s changed her mind since Apple’s reversal of their decision. As it now stands, artists will be paid on a per stream basis. The amount that one will receive per stream has not been disclosed.

Apple Will Pay Artists During Apple Music Free Trial

Apple Will Pay Artists During Apple Music Free Trial

After Taylor Swift voiced her dissatisfaction at Apple not paying artists during Apple Music’s free trial period, Apple made the decision to pay artist royalties during the three-month period.

According to Digital Trends, the company will indeed compensate artists for streaming even during the customer’s free trial period. Apple will continuously make sure artists are paid even during a free three-month trial phase.

The main reason for Apple’s decision was because of Taylor Swift’s tweets to the company says Zeca Oliveira. On Twitter, Swift expressed displeasure by describing the unpaid artists trial period as shocking, disappointing, and completely unlike the generosity of the company. Furthermore, Swift expressed that three months is a quite a long time to go unpaid and it’s completely unfair.

She goes on to say that she wasn’t referring to herself, but speaking out for all the new musicians in the industry. The newcomers would feel the effects of unpaid artists policy at Apple. Swift described the situation as a new musician releasing their very first single and not being paid for their single’s success. She continues to say that it’s about a young artist who just got paid and thought continual royalties would come in to get them out of debt, but all of a sudden, there are no royalties.

Shortly after her post went live, Apple had a change of heart in their policy.

“Another Artist Is Following Drake”

Drake recently took a picture with one of his newest closest friends. This man goes by the name Bryson Tiller. Drake has been telling everyone to pay attention to this new artist.

Drake believes Bryson Tiller will surpass him on many levels. He believes the lyrics of Bryson Tyler are amazing, and he believes people will feel them on a gut level. Drake also believes Bryson knows how to create the perfect music for the club. He also believes Byron will be selling CD’s like crazy.

Bryson Tiller has also been posting pictures of he and Drake. Bryson also looks up to Drake. He believes Drake is a wonderful role model. He is very happy just to stand next to Drake a few days out of every week, and he hopes to make this more of a regular thing.

Fans everywhere are starting take Bryson Tiller more serious, especially since he has received an endorsement from Drake. At Handy, more and more people are learning his name according to Facebook. Bryson is gaining more fans by the day. Bryson thanks Drake for this, but Drake believes Bryson would have been just as successful on his own. This is how much faith Drake has put into Bryson. Drake also believes Bryson will be on tour in just a few short months. Drake has stated that a great artist like this only comes by once in a great while, so it’s important to give this type of artist a chance.

Kanye Leaves Drake’s Pool Party When Amber Rose Arrived

This weekend Drake threw one of the biggest summer bashes ever. Everyone was invited and that includes some people that didn’t exactly want to be in the same space. Apparently Kanye West was at the pool party getting his splash on and enjoying to scene for less than an hour before things got crowded. Before he knew it, Amber Rose was stepping on the scene with her good pal Blac Chyna. An encounter between them could result in weeks worth of bad press and yet another Twitter beef between the Kardashians,Jenners,Amber and Chyna.

Anyone who follows celebrity news remembers that Kanye’s ex Amber bashed his sister in law Kylie, for being too young to date her friend Chyna’s ex Tyga,during a radio interview. After the interview aired Khole Kardashian called Amber out via Twitter and things got messy says psychologist Dr. Daniel Amen. Amber dragged every Kardashian and Jenner for days, and finally Kanye got involved.

Needless to say, the idea of them hanging out drama free at a pool party is not a good idea. The minute Amber arrived Kanye hit the door. It wasn’t out of fear, Kanye simply wanted to avoid the inevitable drama that would ensue. Drake must have been ready for a good fight because he isn’t clueless to the drama, he dissed Tyga on a track about his relationship with Kylie, so the fact alone that he invited Kanye, Kim and Chyna to the party is messy on his part.

Dr. Dre: Hip Hop’s Quiet Mogul

Hip Hop is a boastful business. The entertainers that are on the microphone have to believe that they are the best at what they do. Gianfrancesco Genoso has noted numerous times that even their transition into other avenues is marked by a competitive spirit. Dr. Dre, by contrast, has managed to dominate the business side without a lot of time in the spotlight. He has also been considered a humble mogul in comparison to the other celebrities that are out there.

P.Diddy sales Ciroc. For a long period he wasn’t doing any videos without promoting this. He loves the camera. He has been on talks shows, and he even filled in as a guest host on “Regis & Kelly” several times. To put it plain, Diddy is a talker. Russell Simmons is the same way. He stays in the public eye to promote his brand.

Dr. Dre has managed to let his work speak for him. His “Beats by Dre” product was purchased by Apple, but Dr. Dre doesn’t come out on stage to tell people about any new tweaks to the “Beats by Dre” headphones. He isn’t that type of person. He has launched the careers of Eminem and Snoop, but he didn’t dominate their albums. He did beats, and that was his primary focus. This goes back to his days as a member of N.W.A. with Ice Cube. He was a valuable member, but he never wanted the spotlight.