Queens of Drama Making Waves

Queens of Drama is a television series that follows the glamorous lives of six Hollywood actress as they set out to reimagine the roles women play in filmmaking. The season gains its momentum early when Daytime stars Lindsay Hartley, Crystal Hunt, Chrystee Pharris and Vanessa Marcil enlist legendary actress Donna Mills to help transform their collective ideas into a marketable pilot episode. Queens of Drama is set in beautiful, sunny Los Angeles, the perfect setting for emotions to flare. However, the show is about more than just clashing personalities. It unveils a side of Hollywood that is rarely displayed in view of the public. The show touches on the struggles that impact female actresses and confronts the question, “what happens when a handful of women set out to make television history?”

Not only is the show entertaining, but it also brings to the forefront one of the more sensitive social aspects of the entertainment industry. In one of the earlier scenes, Chrystee Pharris comments on the shortage of desirable roles available to women, especially those of color.

Season one opens with four veteran actresses who gather at a networking event, each one hoping to revive their careers. Lindsay Hartley, Crystal Hunt and Chrystee Pharris become heavily engaged in a discussion about the lack of female visionaries powering the front lines of the industry. Right away, Crystal Hunt, displaying her bold and outgoing personality, introduces Vanessa Marcil to the conversation. Crystal is ambitious and opinionated and it’s part of why so many people follow her on Instagram, a combination that makes her impulsive at times. She is the youngest member of the group, and brings a youthful energy that helps shape the overall tone of the series. As the women drive their vision forward, Crystal demonstrates her ability to mature and evolve, and she colors the show with her fearless disposition.

After a string of commercials, Crystal Hunt exploded into mainstream television at the age of 17 when she landed a spot on Guiding Light as a volatile young teen named Lizzie Spaulding, a role that earned her a Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Young Actress. During and after her run on Guiding Light, she made appearances on a few feature films, including The Derby Stallion and Sydney White. She returned to daytime television as mischievous young Stacy Morasco in One Life to Live. In 2015 Crystal joined a star-studded roster on the set of Magic Mike XXL. In the same year she made her directorial debut in the movie Talbot County, and also starred alongside a lively cast of Soap Opera celebrities in Queens of Drama.  More acting reels are available on Crystal Hunt’s Vimeo.

As Queens of Drama moves forward, the women begin to form new alliances, while old ones are tested, and the show builds enough tension to satisfy any reality television buff. Hollywood powerhouse, Donna Mills, after assuming the group’s executive producer role, uses her influence to accelerate the pilot’s initial pitch. Episode after episode becomes a trial of each actress’s courage and determination, leaving viewers wondering who will be left standing at the end.

Success of Philip Diehl at U.S. Mint makes him the Suitable President of the U.S. Money Reserve


Recently, Philip Diehl, the U.S Money Reserve President had a podcast interview with Eric Dye of Enterprise Radio. Philip is the former Chief of Staff in the U.S. Treasury and the director of the U.S. Mint. In the interview, Philip was asked various questions that reflected around his career and touched on how his experience as the director of Mint has influenced his career as the President of the U.S. Money Reserve.
Philip believes that his leadership background as director of the U.S. Mint made him a qualified candidate for his current role. At the U.S. Mint, he was able to understand more about precious metals and bullion coins. He asserted that he would bring such knowledge to the U.S. Money Reserve. He learnt the impact and effect that precious metals have in the economy. His effective leadership in US Money Reserve can be seen by the overhaul that he has undertaken in customer care sector. Philip values good customer care and has worked hard to ensure that all members of the U.S. Money Reserve show exemplary customer care to all clients.
The U.S. Money Reserve offers superior customer service that differentiates them from its competitors. In addition, the product selection and offerings by the firm has boosted the confidence of clients who trust them with their money. Philip says that it is important to own U.S. Government Minted coins as opposed to gold bars and bullion. The value of bullion and gold bars are often downplayed because they are not property of the U.S. government. Over the past decade, the gold market has been impacted by the financial crisis thus affecting the value of gold.
Gold Market Veterans were responsible for the formation of the firm as they were answering to the market’s demand for trustworthy agents that can assist in the purchase of precious metals. Today the firm is the largest distributors of the U.S. Government issued platinum, gold and silver coins. Through the firm, thousands of clients enjoy the financial benefits that come with owning precious coins. This information was mentioned on Entrepreneur Podcast Network’s website as found in the following link http://epodcastnetwork.com/u-s-money-reserve-president-philip-diehl-discusses-leadership-the-gold-market-and-the-case-for-owning-gold-coins/
The excellent customer service at U.S. Money Reserve has seen the firm become the most preferred in the market. Purchase of coins can be done either online or by going to the firm. The agents guide clients in the process of purchase. These employees are highly trained on how to handle diverse clients besides having expansive experience in helping clients choose coins having the highest value. This information was originally reported on U.S. Money Reserve’s website as explained in the link below https://www.usmoneyreserve.com/

The Pittsburgh Steelers Are In The Fashion Business

Yes, sports jerseys are popular with everyone at any age. We like to show our pure loyalty to our favorite sports team. The fans’ dedication to the Pittsburgh Steelers is not lost in the front office of the organization, so they are taking their brand to the next level. The Steelers want their devoted fans wearing their logo and colors with style. They launched their new fashion line right before their first home game with enthusiasm. Their devotees are excited and looking marvelous in the stylish Steelers fashionable clothing line.

“Wear what we wear” is fan inspired. The website is convenient and accessible on most devices. It’s easy to browse and shop on this website. One of the creators behind this creative idea is Susan McGalla on ireport.cnn. McGalla enjoys fans getting the “Steelers look” whether it’s the jewelry, tops, pullovers or jackets. All the pieces are designed with the Steelers fans in mind. McGalla and others in the Steelers’ organization listened to comments from their devoted fans. They heard the enthusiasts ask about the paraphernalia players worn on and off the field.

Susan McGalla brings this experience and know how from her vast experience at American Eagle. She has enlisted the styles from such brands as Pandora, Tommy Bahama, Nike-Golf and Victoria Secrets. There’s something for everyone. Girls have pink and other aficionados have neon yellow and metallic gold. Working men and women have stylish jackets they can wear to the office or an event. McGalla brings this ingenuity and knowledge from her vast experience in her previous positions.

McGalla is the former president of the popular American Eagle Outfitter Inc. brand on wikinvest.com. She is also the former executive officer of Wet Seal a well-known shop for teens which sells clothing, footwear and accessories. Her knowledge of the clothing industry and her familiarity with the current styles, demands, needs of different personalities, age, trends, and sizes bring awareness and energy to the Steeler’s fashion line. She wants people excited about what they wear. Susan McGalla owns her own consulting company P3 Executive Consulting and is the Pittsburgh Steelers Director of Strategic Planning and Growth.

The Steelers’ organization is excited to bring the Pittsburgh Steelers’ fashion line to their devoted fans. For more go to their convenient website https://shopsteelers.com and enjoy shopping for your favorite Pittsburgh Steeler outfit.

All You Should Know About MJ Impersonator Sergio Cortes

Impersonating an individual is a task that many have thought is easy, but the truth is it can prove challenging to do so. Many people have tried to impersonate persons they admire, but getting everything right has not been possible. However, this has not been the case with Sergio Cortes, who has successfully impersonated late pop musician Michael Jackson. His case has been highlighted by different media houses as has been able to perfectly bring out the behavior and characters of Michael Jackson. Sergio Cortes is also well known for various concerts he has held, singing and dancing to songs done by Michael Jackson.

For this performance, Sergio Cortes has gradually grown into a celebrity. An article available at R7.com explains the journey he has taken before he could become a famous impersonator celebrated by many people. Sergio Cortes started his career of impersonating the late Michael Jackson as a hobby, where he showed love for Michael’s music. His current status in the industry has been positive and celebrated in many ways. He would dress to look like Michael Jackson, not forgetting he would spend most of his time learning how to sing his songs.

Sergio Cortes is a sociable character and his social media accounts are followed by more than 16000 people. You can get some of his videos on his Facebook account as well as on Twitter, where he interacts with fans and lovers of music. It is no surprise that he has managed to rise to fame within such a short period. His skills and emphasis on performing and offering the best have been key points to making him a reliable professional impersonator. Maintaining resemblance to the pop king has earned him several shows, followers and invitations to perform at great events.

He explains on his Facebook account that the journey to getting to where he is has not been easy. He has maintained hope and dedication coupled with endless practice before he could ascertain that he was fit to showcase his skills. At first, Sergio Cortes explains that he was worried about the reception he would receive from people. He was not sure it would be one of the best experiences ever. His fears were cast off when people stated complimenting him and requesting for some shows so they may enjoy and feel the presence of the late king of pop. This motivation has kept him moving to date and he hopes for a better future.

New York Real Estate Prices Skyrocket

The cost of renting in Manhattan and Brooklyn soared to an all-time high during the third quarter, with Manhattan climbing 9.5 percent year-over-year, according to NYC apartments for sale figures.

And while Brooklyn faced slower growth in general, some neighborhoods, such as Canarsie and Brownsville, guided both boroughs in rent increases over the last year.

According to a Luxury Daily report, the medium rent price of $3,339 in Manhattan was an unprecedented high, steered by a 10.7 percent climb in one-bedroom apartments rent prices from the year before.

Median home sales also rose, as Manhattan resale prices attained a boost of 6.3 percent from a year earlier to $982,958.

In Brooklyn, the prices climbed to a significant high of $545,139, a nine percent jump from a year ago.

The report projects both Manhattan and Brooklyn real estate prices will continue to rise.

The Luxury Daily report also referred to data from StreetEasy Market Report that Manhattan and Brooklyn could not have been more different when it came to sales inventory growth in the third quarter.

The report noted Manhattan’s total inventory fell 0.5 percent from a year ago while Brooklyn inventory climbed 10.2 percent, with the highest annual growth in inventory in the North Brooklyn neighborhood, representing 25.3 percent growth.

Manhattan’s midtown vicinity was the borough’s only area to see annual growth in inventory, with an unexceptional 3.4 percent increase.

Manhattan also remains a strong seller’s market as homes that sold typically spent 3 days or less on the market in the third quarter than last year. Manhattan home sellers are receiving more of their original asking price from the previous year.

In a comparable trend, Brooklyn home sellers could look forward to be given nearly all of their preliminary selling price.

New York’s luxury real estate services firm, Town Residential, found sale prices have increased year-over-year and New York’s luxury real estate market is as healthy as ever.

Town Residential, which puts a hand-crafted approach to the of sale and leasing of properties into action, specializes in luxury residential sales, leasing and sales and leasing of property expansion.

In 2015 even more new apartments are expected to come onto the market.

A Michael Jackson Impersonator Has Proven That Working Hard Is Worth It

Sergio Cortes knew that he wanted to be someone different since he was a young boy.

He has always held a great deal of respect for Michael Jackson, even since he was a child, and he decided one day that he would like to be a Michael Jackson impersonator. He wanted to be the best impersonator that he could be, so he has put his all into transforming himself into the man. He has gotten the look and the moves down, and whenever anyone sees him now they are highly impressed. They realize that Sergio Cortes has put much work into what he is doing, and they respect him for that.
No one should ever go at anything halfway, and Sergio Cortes has proven that those who try their hardest to make something happen will be the most likely to succeed at it. The look that he has created for himself closely resembles that of the real Michael Jackson, and many people have started calling Sergio Cortes the best Michael Jackson impersonator. Out of all of the people out there trying to look like the man, they believe that Sergio Cortes is trying the hardest, and they believe that he deserves the greatest amount of respect for all that he has done to become like the man.
Sergio Cortes had the moves of Michael Jackson since he was just a young boy and wanted to dance like the man, and he has since then perfected all of those moves. He’s made sure to put his all into the work of becoming a great impersonator, and everyone who sees him can tell that he cares about what he is doing. And that is important for people to know about anyone working in any field. An impersonator has to put their all into what they are doing if they want to gain respect for the impersonation that they are doing.
Sergio Cortes has proven that hard work is definitely worth it when it comes to doing something like impersonating someone great. He has the looks and moves of Michael Jackson down, and many people respect him for that.

Adam Sender: Leading Art Fancier, Man of Many Talents

Adam Sander, former hedge fund financial genius, has also managed to put together one of the best collections of artwork seen in the past 20 years. He has been selling part of this vast and valuable collection through the famous auction house of Sotheby’s at the tune of around 400 of his collected works from more than 130 artists. The famous auction house is in charge of auctioning off these pieces to bidders.

How Did Sender Learn so Much About Art?

Some wonder how he got so good at picking artists that would someday be worth a lot more cash, and if he is just lucky or if he knows something others in the art world don’t. By his mid-40s Sender had collected many pieces of art for his collection and nearly all of them have grown majorly in value. Sender claims that it’s all in determining which up and coming artists will turn out to be the best and buying their work while it’s less expensive.

The paintings he has had on sale were by well-known modern master artists, such as Keith Haring, along with Martin Kippenberger and some works by Dan Flavin. Some of these artists are younger, but still famous now for their stuff such as Adam McEwen or Lucien Smith and Rashid Johnson. All known now and if you want one of their paintings, you will expect to pay a pretty penny at the auction.

Many Different Kinds of Artwork in the Collection

If you are a lover of all different types of artwork, then by all means come to this auction of the century because it will feature several styles like minimalism, or appropriation and some conceptual artwork. It is a mixed, yet curiously formed batch of artwork.

Sender tells fans that he started collecting his prizes in the 1990s. Since then he has had the fun and excitement of putting together his collection, but he says he has too much to enjoy properly and that’s why he is selling part of it. It also gives up and coming art collectors a chance to buy work that is sure to grow even more in value.

Sender’s collection has been shared via the web for several years as well and some have been lent to several museums so the world could enjoy them as he does. He says he and his wife would love to dedicate a house to just showing off all the artwork he has collected to let people enjoy it.

So, if you are itching to buy some art that is likely to be very valuable in the future then get to the auction at Sotheby’s and join the fun.

New Suite of Slyce Products Unveiled at shop.org

According to a piece from Yahoo Finance earlier this month Slyce was set to showcase a suite of new products for its visual search platform. The platform, already popular with retailers such as Home Depot, Tilly’s, and JCPenny, is hard at work to improve user experience and customer engagement with retailers.

The app is simple to use for retailers, all they need to to do integrate the technology with their e-commerce apps and Slyce will take care of the rest. The image recognition technology allows customers to take pictures of products and then search for them within the retailer’s inventory. If the retailer has the exact item the customers is looking for or something similar it will show up and allow the customer to make a purchase on the spot. New features hope to increase this engagement.

A universal scanner will help customers by negating the need for an actual picture of the object. Thanks to this new feature customers can search products by QR code, bar code, or even coupons.

Snap-to-coupon is a great addition for retailers and customers alike. This component lets users take pictures of coupon and store them on their phone. In order to help make sure they use the coupons that they stored it sends notifications when a store is nearby or when the coupon is getting close to its expiration date.

The company will also begin offering next-level data analytics of its visual search with Slyce Insights. This new program is set to deliver valuable information through the use of Big Data which can be used to significantly increase user experience.

Finally, one of the more intriguing add-ons is that is being demonstrated is an out-of-stock-mitigation tool. Although still in beta testing this development shows great promise. Whenever a customer searches for an item that is out-of-stock they are instantly redirected to suitable alternatives based on an attribute matching system developed by Slyce. This helps retailers by turning a previous problem in to a possible sale.

Handy Takes The Work Out of Housework

Handy is well known for bringing together professional home cleaners and people that are in need of having their house cleaned. Thousands of cleaners and clients are matched together every week all over the globe. With a quick scheduling procedure, a secure payment process, and a one-hundred percent money back guarantee, Handy is the simplest and most convenient way to schedule house cleaning services. Their history is part of what has made the house cleaning and services company that they are today.

When Handy first opened in 2012, they were called Handybook. Their goal was to find a solution to an age-old problem: finding trusted and responsible people to perform household tasks. Oisin Hanrahan was nineteen years old and was attending college in Ireland when he choose to become a real estate developer in Eastern Europe. After looking at a lot of cities on his weekends off, he started purchasing and fixing up apartments in Budapest. While fixing up a series of apartments around that town for handyliquorbar, he found it very hard to find a staff that he could trust to fix up the places. It was a difficult task. A few years later, while attending Harvard Business School, Oisin and one of his peers, Umang Dua found that America had the same problem. They built the Handy business with these goals in mind: filling that void and building the simplest and convenient way for busy people to hire people to do household services inside their home. Their housekeeping services are top of the line and well known across the globe and very easy to arrange for services.

With thirty-three locations across the globe, Handy’s housecleaning services are well-known worldwide. The process of obtaining one of their house cleaners is very simple. First, a client chooses the date and time they want their professional house cleaner to work. Then Handy will take care of the client’s payment electronically and securely. The last step is when one of their fully-equipped professionals arrives at the doorstep of a client. After the professional arrives at the doorstep of a client, they do a thorough cleaning of the interior of their house.

When a Handy professional comes to clean a client’s home, not only are they professional, they are also very thorough. They clean bedrooms, living rooms, common areas, bathrooms, kitchens, and provide extra services when a client asks for them. In the bedrooms, living room, and common areas, they dust all areas that are accessible, clean mirrors and glass fixtures, clean all the floors, and take out the recycling and the trash. In the bathrooms, they clean and sanitize the toilets, showers, tubs, and sinks, dust all accessible areas, clean all glass fixtures and services, and take out the garbage and the recycling. When they clean the kitchen, they dust all accessible areas, empty the sink and load the dishwasher, clean the floors, and take out the recycling and the trash. When a customer asks for additional services, they clean inside the cabinets, clean out the fridge, clean the oven, do the laundry, and clean the interior windows.

With all of these excellent housekeeping services, professionalism, secure payments, an easy scheduling process, Handy takes the work out of housework for all of their clients. They are also available worldwide for wherever their clients need them. That makes Handy the terrific choice for everyday household tasks one less thing that their clients have to worry about everyday.

Jon Urbana’s GoFundMe Fundraiser Deserves Massive Support

The clean and sustainable environment can only be realized if the young people are trained and guided on ways to deal with environmental challenges. Holding seminars, workshops and seminars to enlighten the youths and the community is an expensive venture that requires funding. Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, a non- profit organization that equips the youths with relevant methods of improving their local environment.

He is spearheading an online donation campaign through the safe and reliable GoFundMe website. This campaign has been promoted on various websites of his, including his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Urbana’s Wordpress blog. Gifts received from you will help the organization continue educating the youths and the community. Earth Force visualizes a world comprised of young people who can handle environmental problems that may arise in their community. The organization covers over 50 communities in the United State and Canada. Their programs specialize in three significant fields: Health, Sustainability, and water. They offer lessons that apply to real life situations. Through discussions and debates, students acquire skills such as project management, collaboration and public presentation.
Youths are taught to prepare well -researched and detailed reports about the environment. This ability helps them to understand science and apply scientific principles to deal with real life issues. By visiting the GoFundMe Website and supporting the organization with a gift of any size, you will be participating in the global campaign of achieving environmental sustainability. The group exercises transparency; they maintain active communication with the donators throughout the year. The Annual Report is publicized hence available for reviewing by any interested party.
Urbana also has a Crowdrise page to help ARAS currently underway as well. A local charity dedicated to finding homes for orphaned cats, this is another good cause well worth checking out and donating to.

Jon Urbana is a holder of a BA in Economics from Villanova University. He is a strong advocate of a clean and sustainable environment and loves working with the young people who are dedicated to environmental citizens. He is a co-founder of a Lacrosse Camp that is held on a yearly basis. The program educates and trains young lacrosse players. To be precise, he is the coach who specializes in provision of personalized assistance to help the young players improve their skills. Currently, he works for the Ellipse as Business Development Head. He owns an impressive personal website that allows him to connect with environmentalists, and people of diverse origins and beliefs.