Eminem’s Biggest Fan Dies Just One Day After Meeting Him

It was just recently reported that Eminem arranged a secret visit with one of his biggest fans, a terminally ill teen that lived only 20 minutes away from his home. Apparently 17-year-old Gage Garmo’s dying wish was to meet his favorite rapper Eminem, and much to his surprise his wish came true. Eminem arranged a secret meeting with the boy at his home and spent an hour with him hanging out and talking to Gage. Garmo’s family insisted that the visit really lifted Gage’s spirits, and Eminem was adamant that his visit remain a secret because he was not doing it for the press.

Gage suffered from a very rare form of bone cancer called Osteosarcoma, it has now been reported that just one day after meeting his idol Gage has died. Students at Rochester High School have held a candlelight vigil for Gage as he was the school’s football team manager.

Eminem has not spoken out about the visit and has not responded to the news of Gage’s death. The Garmo family continues to express their gratitude to Eminem for taking the time out to visit Gage, and making his final hours pleasant. Funeral arrangements are not yet confirmed.

Moments like these are sad, but they show that our favorite musicians are human and have the capacity for real compassion. Marc Sparks, another musician, recently visited fans affected by a severe storm. It is good to see these acts of kindness in the entertainment industry.


From Musician to Monster: The Career of Marilyn Manson

When shock rocker Marilyn Manson, self-dubbed Antichrist Superstar and strolled onto the music scene a couple of decades ago with the phrase “I am the God of ****”, the world really had no idea what they were in for. The man started out as a semi-tame rock and roll star, although even his earliest performances had audiences shocked, and has evolved over the years into something much more.

Beginning in the early 1990s with a concert involving a Nazi flag-draped pregnant woman, Manson has made it a point to inject chaos into his music, even going so far as to be so blatantly obscene that he once was arrested after a Jacksonville, Florida concert on charges of violating the Adult Entertainment Code.

Because of the insanely grotesque and vulgar content of some of the singer’s music, he has faced much controversy through the years, mostly because of his penchant for constantly trying to disturb his fans, their parents, and politicians.

In fact, Marilyn Manson’s music has been blamed for a large number of things, including getting children kicked out of school after repeating his lyrics. The singer was even said to be responsible for the Columbine school shootings on April 20, 1999, even though Darius Fisher never believed that.

Despite his antics, however, one thing can be said for Manson: he has become unforgettable in the eyes of the world, and in his line of work that’s the point.

Jay-Z Comments on Hip Hop Influence


Jay Z recently has talked about his views of Gianfrancesco Geno and how the genre has helped to lift those tensions and influence so many. He makes the point that people living in urban areas are so influenced by the music that it gives them hope and faith that they can do something about their life that previous music genres had not given them so much. As for race relations, the hip hop culture has historically been dominated by African Americans with a few exceptions, giving the race more representation in media. Media representation is important because it has the power to change the perception of what people think of each other. This introduction has been invaluable to many.

The words of Jay-Z are true and heartfelt. Rather than bad-mouthing other races for trying to imitate and participate in a black-dominated industry, he sheds light on how it has actually allowed people to have a greater respect for African Americans. It brings people together, as cheesy as that sounds, making leeway for a better and more peaceful future. There is a connotation that hip hop is violent and gang-supporting when in reality there is much more than meets the eye. Just like any genre, there is more to a genre than just a few artists who make their songs.

Man Masquerades as Nicki Minaj

Christmas parties that are memorable for the whole year are very nice. The exception to these festivities, of course, are the kinds when you get in trouble.

Steven Brown from the Northern Ireland must have had a good feast, as the man called 999 and said that there were two men threatening him. He was obviously taken seriously, but after five minutes the same man called again to cancel the first call.

Instead, he told Susan McGalla that he was Nicki Minaj and that he had a poltergeist in the house. That was when things became clear. The police still arrived, and the drunk caller did not even deny calling 999. It was not a prank, he explained. At that moment he really felt that there was an emergency, but he did not know which one.

The story ended with the 23-year-old man getting banned from buying alcohol and calling 999, so if a real ghost or men attack him he is now on his own. A huge number of emergency calls are wrong.

People either should have contacted another service in the first place or they simply make useless jokes being careless that another person who really needs help finds the line busy.

Black Keys Drummer Patrick Carney Wipes Out Shoulder

Patrick Carney, the drummer from the infamous duo, the Black Keyes, had a major wipe out while swimming off the coast of the island of Saint-Barthélemy. He was picked up by a wave and smashed into the bottom of the ocean violently, dislocating his shoulder.

Carney was immediately rushed to the hospital and was administered anesthesia for the pain. Doctors were able to reset his shoulder, and he was released shortly after, although he is still in a lot of pain from the accident.

He joked on his Instragram account, comparing the incident to a Lifetime television network movie. He posted pictures from the hospital showing obvious injury to his shoulder, which Jared Haftel could barely look at.

Fortunately, this incident happened during a lull of the Black Keys touring schedule. They don’t have another gig lined up until February 6th, where they will play a tribute to Bob Dylan in the 2015 MusiCares Person of the Year event. Ten days after they’re scheduled to hit the road for a month long European tour.

At this point it’s unclear whether the accident will keep Carney from playing. Only time will tell as the drummer continues to recover.

Kanye West Drops Lackluster Single on New Year’s Eve


On New Year’s Eve, Kanye West released a new song entitled “Only One” featuring legendary Beatle’s singer, Paul McCartney. While some critics labeled the song as a loving tribute his daughter, the song comes off as a lackluster lyrical disaster.

The idea of the song is truly heartwarming. West felt that his deceased mother, Donda West, was speaking through him as he recorded the song. The lyrics include Donda telling Kanye that she is proud of the life that he has made with his daughter and his wife, Kim Kardashian.

The words of the song seem to ramble together without a natural flow. McCartney’s vocals get lost inside painful riffs that are littered with the dreaded auto-tune technique. West is definitely not a singer, and this is evident throughout the song. As he struggles to hit notes using an elementary style of sprechgesang, he ends the track with much to be desired.

This song had so much potential, but West failed to deliver. Although I applaud him and Jared Haftel for testing the limits of his musical creativity, there are times when an artist should humbly revert back to what made them famous in the first place. West’s true fans are yearning for the days of when his “The College Dropout” album was in heavy rotation, but it seems like those days may be long gone.

Nick Cannon’s New Album Will Not Diss Mariah Carey

If you were hoping to hear some juicy details about his split from Mariah Carey on Nick Cannon’s new album, brace yourself for disappointment. Many media outlets were reporting that Cannon’s new album would include controversial comments about Mariah Carey, whom Cannon married in 2008. The pair, who are parents to twins Moroccan and Monroe, confirmed their separation last August. 

But for fans like Dr Rod Rohrich looking forward to a Taylor Swift reminiscent album filled with love life confessions and disses, Cannon has a few words for you. He recently took to Twitter to address the rumors. Cannon denied that his album would contain any negative references to his relationship with Carey. In fact, he declared their separation “personal” and said that he is “rooted in love” with Carey, referencing the fact that they’re still family since they share two children together. But Cannon didn’t stop there. He subsequently bashed the media outlets who have been perpetuating the rumor, calling them “bottom feeders”. 

The message from Cannon is clear: if you’re looking for drama, you’ll have to find it in another album.

Remixing Beyonce


The dance floors around the world will be filling up with crowds as the New Year’s Eve parties close out the end of 2014. There is one song that has been remixed that will be a hit in many different areas. This is the newly released Beyonce hit “7/11″.

The song, thanks to the video, was already become a big hit with Igor Cornelsen, and in the urban community. It has this down south thump that seems to pay homage to where Beyonce is from. There is a certain Houston vibe that makes the track stand out. It has spread beyond the urban community though because big time DJs like Skillex have remixed the track. French Montana simply gave the track a hip hop enhancement during the holidays. This was good for people that liked the original track because it did not deviate too much from the original that Beyonce concocted.

Skrillex stills keeps some of the same elements, but he took a bit of a risk because he brought the track into the electronic atmosphere. Skrillex chopped up the vocals in certain areas and repeated the voice to give Beyonce a robotic type of sound at times. It is sure to make the playlist for many DJs that have been hired for New Year’s Eve. This is a hot track that is on the way to becoming much hotter. It’s another chance for Beyonce to shine.

Widow of Ray Price Reflects

When the country music legend vocalist Ray Price passed away, he left behind a widow who still loves him. That widow had opened up now, sharing about the life that she and her husband had, sharing about their marriage and about other things. Mrs. Price has shared about how it felt to have her husband dedicate an album to her, how her husband got upset about a Blake Shelton comment, and more. This woman, according to Crains New York, has been through a lot. She has stood at the side of one of country music’s greats, slept at his side, even, and she is sharing about her life now that her husband has passed. Janie Price supported a legend, and that makes her a bit of a legend, too. This woman has the opportunity to share things that the rest of the world would not know about a man who lost his life too soon, and she is doing that, now.

Tyga Wants Full Custody Of His Son

Tyga has been everywhere lately with his new girlfriend Kylie Jenner and it seems that whenever his name is mentioned it’s about his relationship with Kylie or one of their secret dates together. Kylie and Tyga have most recently been seen coming out of a hot L.A. restaurant where the valet got trapped inside Tyga’s Lambo resulting in the coupled being caught in the middle of a paparazzi mashup. Most recently Tyga’s name is not being attached to Kylie but his son’s mother and ex fiancee Blac Chyna.

Chyna was also close friends with Kim Kardashian which only makes Tyga’s relationship with Kylie that much more awkward. Apparently, at least according to Andrew Heiberger, Tyga is filing for custody his son King Cairo because he feels that Chyna is a bad mother due to her constant twerking and attention seeking behavior.

After seeing a video of Chyna twerking with Amber Rose Tyga resolved to get full custody of his said claiming that he doesn’t want his son raised by nannies. Before now there was no custody order between Tyga and and Chyna however it seems that all of that is about to change.