Desiree Perez: Unrivaled With Tidal

Since October of 2014, Tidal has been making waves in the music industry. 46 million tracks and 192,000 music videos later, Tidal holds the distinction of being the first 100% artist owned streaming service in the world. Almost instantly, users of the service can tell how artist driven Tidal actually is. In addition, Tidal is noted for paying the highest percentage of royalties to music artists and songwriters in the industry.

Tidal was founded by music artist Jay-Z, the rap mogul famous for “Hard Knock Life,” “Jigga What, Jigga Who,” and so forth. Aside from being arguably one of the greatest rappers of all time, Jay-Z is married to superstar Beyonce Knowles. The initial purpose of Tidal was to restore value to music, something its services have undoubtedly done. Desiree Perez is a longtime business partner of Jay-Z and a close confidant. Recently, Desiree Perez has been attempting to place Tidal on an even larger plateau. Additional article here.

With her assistance, Tidal has seen a leap in membership and a sense of renewed interest. This was the exact change in direction the Tidal platform needed. With that being said, Desiree Perez is not a rookie. In fact, she has been around the Jay-Z camp for several years. This includes the formation of Roc Nation, related articles on Her husband Juan Perez is an equally talented businessperson, as he heads Roc Nation Sports.

A primary example of Tidal’s appeal would be the release of Kanye West’s “The Life Of Pablo.” Since its release, over one million people signed up as trial users. Desiree Perez is extremely talented in the world of business. She has been a helping hand to several artists and is credited for her role in the succession of Beyoncé’s Formation stadium tour. She was also instrumental in Rihanna’s deal with Samsung.  Follow Dez on her page.

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Desiree Perez, The Unseen Force Behind Tidal.

Tidal, Jay-Z’s musical streaming investment was in bad shape before the entry of Desiree Perez. Sinking in debt and experiencing a mass exodus of managing executives, it was on its death bed. What spectators didn’t know was that Desiree Perez was burning the midnight oil to put Tidal back in the world’s competitive music hall of fame.

Dez Perez, as she is also known, has a strong working relation with Jay-z spanning more than twenty years. She is a smart and hard negotiator and has been credited with being the brains behind Beyonce’s formation tour and Rihanna’s sign up deal with Samsung. Desiree Perez also works alongside Tidal’s co-owners T.I and Kanye West.

She manages the multimillion investments alongside Jay-Z in various capacities from managing the record label to publishing and overall management of Roc Nation. Follow Dez on her page, and learn more about her and her work. Dez is the behind the scenes magnetic force that seeks to make Tidal’ music streaming investment a massive hit despite its shaky past. Her strategy includes expanding the membership base since the numbers had started dwindling and she is doing impressively with new members’ subscription.

Committed and dedicated doesn’t quite aptly capture this lady. Her successes in Roc Nation are evident. She works incognito, and little is known about her. Desiree Perez is married to Juan Perez, a long-time ally of Jay-Z.

Her capabilities stretch like an octopus’s tentacles. Desiree Perez is actively engaged in sports and athletes under the Roc Nations Sports wing that is currently managed by her husband. She is the one that encouraged Alex Rodriguez, the Yankee baseball star to fight back the biogenesis doping litigation charges. Alex Rodriguez had been contemplating a disgracing exit from the sport as he was battling a myriad of challenges arising from his drug addiction, rehab stints, and sport related injuries. For more of this, click here.

She is currently managing Jay Z’s club 40/40, a club in Manhattan. She is also a business lady in her capacity, also an influential member of the Hova circle, refer to for the full article.

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Nine9 and The Success of the 99%

We all have become quite accustomed to one particular phrase that is used to describe the divisive environment that is currently engulfing society, a simple percentage that warrants abortion beyond that which is normally reserved for math equations, the 1%. Used to symbolize the extreme disconnect between the world that the majority of the world resides in, the 99% of us, and the world privy to the select few, the 1%.  More Details .

The rallying cry that has been shouted throughout streets in New York City and beyond has finally found a company built around echoing its message.

Anthony Toma’s UnAgency Created for The Majority

Over the last few years, Nine9 Talent Agency has built itself around the idea that the majority of people who wish to find success within the entertainment industry are not properly represented by the slew of casting and talent agencies that currently purport to help individuals find stardom and success. Nine9 News Here .

For those 99% that are going under represented and under served within the industry, Anthony Toma’s revolutionary talent agency actively gives prospective actors and models, who may have been turned away by other agencies, the opportunity to build their own successes. Founder and CEO Anthony Toma created the company with the mission of helping prepare future talent for a lifelong career within entertainment by giving them not only the connections they will need to get started in their career but also the tools and skills to ensure their passion can be followed over a long career path.

Anthony Toma, The Revolution Within the Industry, and IdeaMensch

Carving out your own path to success often leaves individuals with a store of valuable insight gained from previous successes as well as failures, all of which were put on display for the readers of IdeaMensch this week. Watch Video .

If you are interseted in learning more about Nine9 and Anthony Toma please read IdeaMensch’s piece on their blog,


Desiree Perez; The Mastermind Behind Tidal’s Revitalisation

As with any multi-billion dollar industry, the music streaming niche is highly competitive. In a race dominated by established giants, Tidal is regarded by numerous folks as a minnow. However, this underdog stature mat soon changes thanks to the resilience of Desiree Perez, the lady entrusted with running the service. She has displayed steadfast commitment in ensuring Tidal remains relevant, paying zero attention to critics.

Several managers have succumbed to the intense pressure associated with managing the entity, but Jay Z, the proprietor, remains confident that his venture will undergo a renaissance, check .Though a majority of cynics had written Tidal off, its ownership has proved them wrong by staying strong. In partnership with Desiree Perez, Jay Z was able to weather the storm. In recent days, the company’s fortunes have upturned, witness a rapid increase in new subscriptions. While Desiree is determined to add more clients, she knows that attracting them is the priority.

One strategy that has proven to be fruitful is the delegation of contract issues to Desiree. Using her vast knowledge on the subject, she has managed to close deals worth colossal amounts of money. Desiree is the mastermind behind a myriad of pacts signed by Roc Nation, a consortium under which Tidal falls.  For more of her activities, click here.

Though Jay Z is not as good a businessman as he is a musician, he has the nose of finding the appropriate individuals to do business on his behalf. His appointment of Desiree Perez is a testament to this. Under Desiree’s leadership, Tidal has undergone enormous improvement, given that it was almost given up for lost.

Desiree Perez is no stranger to business. Her exemplary strategies have seen Tidal’s flagship musician release record-breaking albums,  follow Dez on her page. Rihanna, Kanye West, and Beyoncé all released albums that took the music world by storm. To cap it all, the Tidal app also broke new ground regarding subscriber numbers. The application was downloaded over a million times, an unmatched achievement.


Desiree Perez, The White Night of Tidal

We all know how Tidal has taken the music streaming services by storm. Tidal, a music streaming app that is owned by Jay-Z.In 2015, he bought a Swedish company called Aspiro and transformed it to the hip startup it is today. It’s pivotal moment being when he brought in his most influential friends in the music industry such as Kanye West and Rihanna for a meeting where he got them on board with his creation.


Tidal has since enjoyed its spot in the limelight as the first music service with High Fidelity sound quality. It enjoyed the top spot on the App Store following the release of Kanye’s The Life Of Pablo, check on However, not only does it serve as a platform for true music lovers to find and enjoy their favorite artists, but also a platform for artists to reclaim the music industry.

But with the new defect of a string of C.E.Os, one is left to wonder who then exactly is piloting this plane? Well, I guess we could say Jay-Z secret weapon is his longtime friend, Desiree Perez, a producer and business woman who is a tough cookie and doesn’t crumble easily. Follow Dez on her page.

Desiree perez has secured some deals for the music platform by launching products like exclusive live performance(Tidal X) and emerging artists (Tidal Rising), that have seen the previously unstable music streaming company thrive in the competitive market.

Desiree Perez runs SC enterprises, which negotiated artist Beyonce’s formation tour. With years of experience in the music industry, she is an invaluable asset to Jay Z’s brainchild, Tidal. She is commonly referred to as ‘babe ruthless’ for her ferocity in business and has revealed that the company will be in business for a long time.  For More of Dez Updates, click here.

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Two Las Vegas Air Conditioning Companies Merging With Goettl Air Conditioning

Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air are merging with a growing business called Goettl Air Conditioning. It is great news for the community and employees because they will be able to better serve the community and offer more services than ever before. One of these services is plumbing, and they will also start serving the commercial sector. This means businesses and strip malls can benefits from this change. Goettl will gain 20 more employees. They will also get 15 more trucks. That means more people and businesses will be able to experience their excellent customer service and attention to detail. Goettl had offices in the Las Vegas area, but pulled out in 2008. They are now returning with new management. They offer HVAC management and installation, AC repairs, and sales of heating and air conditioning products and furnace repairs. Stephen Gamst, owner of Las Vegas Air, said that they merger will no doubt improve the community by offering more services and they will be able to reach more people. He also has worked with Kenneth Goodrich (the CEO of Goettl Air Conditioning) for years and trusts the company.

Goettl Air Conditioning is leading the way of heating and air conditioning technology since 1939. John, Bill, and Adam started their journey in 1926 in Mansfield, Ohio. It was during the Great Depression that they headed Southwest down to Phoenix, Arizona. They were seeking new opportunities and developed their business, Goettl Air Conditioning in 1939.

Over the years they have expanded and merged with many other heating and air conditioning companies. Their grandchildren run the family business and have done a great job of it. Their passion for Goettl has awarded them Arizona’s best heating and air conditioning business in the state. They no doubt have a bright future ahead of them.

Famous Rappers Who Have KILLED People


The rap game is one of the weirdest aspects in the musical/entertainment world. While we understand that the entertainment industry is different than the rest of the world, it is somehow even more than that. Many rappers talk a big talk in their verses about being big, bad, rich, and powerful. However, some other rappers lived these words. Today we are looking at a couple of rappers who have actually KILLED someone, with proof.


Gucci Mane

If you want to talk about rappers who have killed then look no further. Gucci Mane has been arrested so many times that we’ve honestly gotten to expecting it. Gucci Mane’s story starts in 2005 when the rapper was jumped by five men while relaxing in his friend’s apartment. Gucci managed to draw his gun, shooting and killing Pookie Loc in self defense. Gucci Mane beat the murder rep but he ended up in jail anyway for other matters. Whelp.


Cool C

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Cool C was going to change the rap game back in the ’90s. Cool C blew up with hishit song, “Life in the Ghetto” but he ended up in prison just a little while later — for murdering a Philadelphia police officer by the name of Lauretha Vaird. Cool C was quickly found guilty and sentenced to death. His trial was quick but Cool C has gotten two stays of execution and thus he still sits on death row, waiting for his execution.  Cool C maintains his innocence, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s become just another one of the broke rappers that could have been something huge.

Lime Crime Lips And Eyes On Your Website

Lime Crime is a company that specializes in quality makeup that is of this generation. The younger generation is especially thrilled with colors of greens and pinks. These colors are energetic and bright. The eye is immediately drawn to anyone wearing Lime Crime makeup for the lips or eyes.


Lime Crime is the brainchild of one Doe Deere. Doe is the founder and CEO of the Lime Crime name and product. The products are presently available online and on Amazon. Many girls are starting their own makeup lines so that they can offer them on their websites. Lime Crime is one of the products that allows people to sell or open a store using the Lime Crime products. Anyone can begin selling the makeup and begin their own career as a makeup specialist.


Colors such as Squash pumpkin and Flamingo pink are flying off the shelves. These colors not only inspire but they stress beauty through color. Lime Crime offers lip colors in velvets. These smooth silky lipsticks give lips a shine with color that is going to last all day. Touch up is all that may be needed.


Naming the lips sticks and eye shadows were a lot of fun. Flamingo and Alien are a couple of the popular names for shades. Flamingo is a shade of pink and Alien a shade of green. Light blue comes to the table as a light bold blue. Zenon is yellow and the teddy bear is the reddish brown. The colors come in sets and in singles. Order these on Amazon by checking out the tubes and sets. Make sure you make the decision of palates or liquid liners as a first step.


Lime Crime gives anyone the opportunity to sell the products on their websites. Affiliated marketing is available. Sign up online so that you can start making money now. Create your own web presence. Come up with a fantastic domain name and register it too. Put all of this on your site. You can also click and share your photos on the lime crime website. A true love set is available using the Flamingo Pink, the teddy bear, and the pumpkin. The Venus bundle I and II are also ready for you to stick on the website to increase your revenue. Get your bundle for Valentines and check out velvety lipsticks or scandal.

Learn More About Recent Achievements of James Dondero

James Dondero has worked for more than 30 years in the equity and credit market. He is famous for being the current chief executive officer and also the co-founder of Highland Capital.


The company has been offering many amazing products for both the retail and institutional investors. Highland capital has accumulated $19 billion as assets that are under management. The company has various affiliates like Acis Capital and the NexPoint residential trust. The Morningstar recently awarded the company a 5-star designation for its global allocation that took place in 2014.


James Dondero’s illustrious career began when he took the job of an analyst at the Morgan Guaranty. During the same year, he was able to graduate from Mcintire School of Commerce, which is based at the University of Virginia. At the college, he was specializing in finance and accounting, and he managed to emerge with first honors. Dondero has numerous certifications like Certified Management accountant and the Chartered financial analyst.


Dondero has worked as a bond analyst at the American Express. He has also worked as a portfolio manager at the same institution where he was managing funds worth more than $ 1 billion.


Before James Dondero launched the Highland company, he had worked as the investment officer at protective Live. Under his leadership, the subsidiary grew to more than $ 2 billion.


Dondero works as the president of NexPoint, Nexbank, Cornerstone health care and also the CCS Medical. He is a board member of the American Banknote and the MGM studios. Dondero loves contributing to the community through philanthropic activities. He has made contributions to support the presidential library of George Bush, Perot Museum, Snowball Express, Education is Freedom and the Towers Scholars Program.


Recently, Dondero was appointed to serve as an executive board member of the Methodist University (SMU). The board position at the Cox School of business, which is based at the Methodist University, is aimed at expanding the highland’s commitment to the university. One of the commitments is through the disbursement of the Tower Scholars, which is meant to facilitate the professional and academic excellence, especially in public policy.



All About Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard is one of the most exciting and innovative new businesses around. It all started with a problem common to wine lovers. They love to try new wines, but they want to taste them first before spending lots of money. Formed in 2001, Traveling Vineyard was formed in order to solve this problem.

In addition to bringing wine tastings to consumers, this company has also provided a work-at-home solution for its team of wine guides. These days, the traditional career path of working with one company for 30 years and retiring with a pension is quickly disappearing.

Because of that, many people are looking for different opportunities. Some are looking for the chance to work in an industry that they love. Others need the flexibility of a work-from-home career. Still others relish the idea of being their own bosses. Traveling Vineyard’s wine guide program has become an essential part of so many lives.

None of this could have happened without excellent products and a great support system for the direct sales team. Traveling Vineyard Wine Club sells relaxation and luxury, but the brand itself is serious business.

The team behind Traveling Vineyard loves this brand. In fact, the current owner used his own firm to right the ship and rescue this company from bankruptcy. And his business instincts have proven to be right. With over 100,000 tasting events per year, this company is back and better than ever. It turns out that with ethical leadership and a great business model, great things are possible.

Follow Traveling Vineyard on Instagram.