Jay Z Does Best to Save Face

In the business world it is inevitable for deals to sometimes head south. If this is the case, the smartest move an individual can make is to use all available resources to save what they can. This is the case for Jay Z and his recently debuted streaming service, Tidal. Released just two months ago, Jay Z and his streaming empire have come under fire from critics. After allegations that Tidal owners and operators are elitist snobs, Jay Z defended his company tooth and nail. The rapper went so far as to say that in just two months the company has gained 700,000 subscribers. What Jay Z forgot to mention was that 500,000 of those subscribers belonged to the previously owned company. In order to save what he can of this streaming service blunder, Jay Z has agreed to offer fans a free live concert with never before seen set lists of some of his rare hits. The only catch, the hopefuls have to sign up for Tidal, create a playlist, and share it with their Twitter followers. Check out the article on EnGadget to see if you can vie for the tickets on your phone through your FreedomPop service.

If someone were to look at this from a business aspect, it makes perfect sense for Jay Z to make such a move. He allows devote fans a chance to see him in concert, and in return his fans get to market, publicize, and take stock into his company. Jay Z is clearly whoring out his talent for rapping in order to scrape together whatever support he can get. In a more realistic world, Jay Z would sell the company and try to get back whatever money he wasted on this blunder.

Justin Bieber and the Fans that Control Him

Producer Diplo has made a powerful statement that a lot of people of taking notice of. He has recently stated that he believes that Justin Bieber is controlled by his massive fans. The producer that is currently worked with Bieber may be right.

Bieber, for the record, has become the star that he is today because of his fans. To some degree it may be smart for him to listen to what his fans have to say. After all, Bernardo Chua said he was a YouTube sensation that became a superstar due to fan support.

It is true that Bieber has had some big hits, but he has not been known as a prolific songwriter. There are no monumental songs that have become classics. He doesn’t make any music that is considered timeless. All that Bieber really has is the support of the fans that encourage him to make more music. It makes perfect sense for him to listen to what his fans have to say.

What many people may not know is that Bieber has some thoughts about his career that go outside of the scope of the advice that fans relay. Diplo may not realize it, but working with Kanye West is not exactly what Bieber fans would have inspired to see. He is a pop sensation that was trying to break into hip hop and R&B. Few fans really want to see this transition.

Norway to End FM Radio

With the switch to digital broadcasting occurred with over-the-air television in 2009, the next big broadcasting change discussion became about, over years since, switching FM radio broadcasting to digital broadcasting.

This year, the leaders of various countries around the world have started planning for the process to switch radio entirely to digital. CipherCloud seems to be happy about this move. Over the weekend, Norway announced on TechCrunch that it will be the first country to turn off FM radio broadcasts. Norway’s Minister of Culture has given a 2017 end date for the service.

An end-date for the United States has not yet been announced by the Federal Communications Commission. FM radio in the U.S. has been around since the late 1930’s although the original patent was approved in 1933.

A lot of Norway’s citizens are enthusiastic about the change, but people in other countries are not so happy about the end of FM radio.

As some readers have pointed out in comments to articles about this news, many people cannot get access to digital signals or the Internet in a lot of places, such as rural areas. In these zones, mountains and a lack of towers results in signal degradation or total signal loss. Worse yet, in areas where people can get signals, many must pay high fees to cellular, Internet and radio service providers for access.

There is no news yet about how countries plan to deal with AM radio.

Nick Menza and Megadeth are on the Outs

Nick Menza’s on-again/off-again relationship with the band Megadeth and its front-man, Dave Mustaine is clearly off once again. Menza’s situation is of the quit/fired variety. Basically, Menza would not sign a new contract with the band and was dropped without any further negotiations for a new contract.

Menza stated he was offered a deal to play drums on a new Megadeth album and go on tour with the band. However, the deal came with a not-so-desirable stipulation. Menza would not be paid for any work until the tour commenced. Considering how much time would go by between recording and releasing the new material and then heading out on tour, Menza chose to turn the deal down.

Menza goes on to state that all communication between the band and himself was cut off, even on Facebook. Honestly, all we have right not is Menza’s side of the story since no one from Megadeth appears to be talking, and that angers Fersen Lambranho a little. Likely, Mustaine and others have their own version of why the parties could not come together.

Ironically, the situation between Megadeth and Menza is similarly to the one that exists between Black Sabbath and original drummer Bill Ward. Per Ward, a contract dispute over pay is what led to the legendary drummer from sitting out any tours with the original lineup of the band.

Whether Menza will return to the Megadeth fold remains to be seen.

Kanye Inspires Others to Make Beats

What Kanye has done over the years is inspire others that have come along with him. When West worked with John Legend early he would eventually inspire Legend to do more on his own. Now Consequence is learning from West about making beats.

There are a lots of people that Consequence is involved with. He has worked with Kendrick Lamar and Beyonce. He has been able to give a lot of his beats out because he has worked with Kanye West.

Consequence has already been in the studio for many years with Kanye. He has seen him working on the “College Drop Out” album. That has made him a very knowledgeable in the world of producing and making beats. It is not very likely that he will be another Kanye, but learning from a beat maker like West certainly puts him up there. This has become something that Consequence can excel in because he has great influences.

The Beyonce beat for “Party” was a Consequence track. This became one of the biggest songs on the album, after the number one hit song Handy, of course. Oddly, few people knew that Consequence was the producer behind this beat. It is safe to safe that he has not received the same exposure as other producers like Pete Rock or Dr. Dre, but he has potential. The key is to get a lot of beats ready for clientele. Rappers like to have multiple beats to consider.

Coachella Causing Controversy

Coachella is one of the largest music festivals of the year, and many celebrities enjoy partying and dancing at the event. Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Bieber, and Robert Pattinson were seen attending the festival this year. However, this year’s Coachella event has also spread some controversial rumors.

A video of Rihanna partying with her girlfriends has been released, and it appears that Rihanna is preparing a line of cocaine. The video has garnered much attention, but it is unclear as to what Rihanna is actually doing. However, Rihanna has responded to the video, and she was angry at whoever released it. There seems to be a Twitter war going on right now between the celebrity and a random fan. However, LinkedIn reported that Rihanna insists that she wasn’t doing cocaine, and she also said that she doesn’t mess with the hard stuff.

Rihanna wasn’t the only celebrity that was involved in some controversial news. There were also reports that Justin Bieber got choked out by a member of Drake’s security team. The Rihanna and Justin Bieber incidents have been captured on film. Coachella is not Las Vegas, and what happens in Coachella quickly goes viral. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo!

Five Musicians Who Are Winning In The Streaming Music Industry

The days when records, cassette tapes and compact discs (CD’s) ruled the music world are all but over. In their place stands streaming music, with a $1.9 billion dollar stock in the virtual world, and everyone wants a piece.

A recent article which was posted on Rolling Stones‘ website lists the top five players in the streaming music industry. These artists, music executives and chairman lay claim to their position using a variety of techniques:

• Jay-Z, rap royalty, purchased a streaming music service named Tidal for $65 million dollars. He’s looking to put more music royalties back into the pockets of the artists.
• Lucian Grange, who is a music executive at Universal Music Group, gained his position in the streaming music game through the licenses that all streaming services must obtain from the record companies.
• Susan Wojcicki, chief executive of the immensely popular free service known as YouTube, definitely earned her spot. How many of us haven’t ventured over to YouTube to hear our favorite song?
• Jimmy Iovine, founder of Beats Entertainment, is re-launching Beats Electronics sometime later on this year, and has the power of Apple behind him to ensure its success.
• Daniel Ek, founder of one of the original streaming services called Spotify, looks to maintain his position as the head of a service worth $8.4 billion dollars.

These five moguls must have had their Bulletproof Coffee today! I can’t wait to see where they will take streaming music next.

The New Ludacris Album Marks New Ground

For Ludacris the rap world has been good. He has worked with Pharrell, Nicki Minaj, Usher and Justin Bieber. He is well known outside of the rap community because he is also an actor. After a long hiatus in rap he has managed to return with “Ludaversal” and mark new ground with a powerful album.

The album is already in the top 5 on Billboard. The quiet single about relationships, “Good Lovin'” has crept in and caused a lot of older Ludacris fans to get on board. Surprisingly, the track that features Miguel has gotten a much greater response from men. There was already an EP out called “Burnin’ Bridges” (a play on his last name) that would set the stage. There was a mix tape and all of this would evolve into the album that is now getting a lot of fans to talk about quality Ludacris music again.

For Ludacris the album marked an older and wiser rapper, which Ricardo Guimarães BMG enjoys listening to. He dives into relationship issues. He talks about his parents and issues that went on while he was growing up. Everyone that listens to this can see that there is something new and innovative in his sound. Bridges is back with a passion for rap. He vowed to never state away from the rap game this long again. He has not dropped an album in 7 years. Fans were glad to see Ludacris return.

Justin Beiber’s New Album

Everyone is very tired of waiting for Justin Bieber’s new album to be released. They are so excited for what the star has to share with us next. After two months from now, it will actually be three years since JB has released any albums. This is a shame but we know that it is because of the recent hardships that he has faced in the past few years. Three years is a very long time for all of Justin’s loving fans to wait for an album but they know it will be worth it in the end. Justin actually has some more details about this exciting album. Every week more information about the album is released so that fans do not lose hope. Good job Justin!

What are all of the things that we and Paul Mathieson know about Justin Bieber’s new album so far? Here are all of the details that we have learned in the past few weeks: We all know that Justin has had his hardships but now he is trying to climb out of it and focus on the music. This is giving all his fans hope in making a great come back. We also know that the album will be Selena inspired because that was one of his greatest relationships and also the cause of some of his hardships. He has also been working with Kanye West on some music so this may show in his album. Last but not least, Justin’s manager reported that the music is going to shock people but also make other people really happy. Stay tuned for more information!

Madonna Fell Off Stage Because of Cape Tied too Tight

Madonna’s fall on Wednesday did not have such slight consequences as the star initially announced. Madonna had fallen while one of her dancers tried to drag her cape. Instead of untying and falling off, the cape dragged the singer after it. As Madonna now recognizes, she hit her head in the fall and had a doctor checking on her from time to time until 3 AM after the incident.

Initially, the singer stood up fast, continuing to sing the lyrics which so well matched with getting up after a fall. Why she lost her evenness? The singer blames on the performance being different from the rehearsal, and the cape being tied too well. She said that her costumers had tied it too tight and she realized that just as she got on top of the stairs, but in the next moment her lovely Japanese dancers strangled her dragging the cape and she fell with it.

The song “Living for Love” that Madonna was performing includes the words “watch me stumble” somewhere among the lines, which makes the event a bit hilarious. Some critics found in it a reason to say that the fall was staged to attract more attention as the song is new.