FreedomPop Goes International with Service in the UK

The free American mobile carrier FreedomPop has opened up shop in Britain, and Tasco and Talk Talk mobile providers now have some serious competition. The feisty new mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) received a 30 million dollar influx of cash from its series B offering, and is spreading its wings into international markets. FreedomPop is a Los Angeles based telecom company who offers free mobile phone service with add on services for minimal costs.

FreedomPop on androidcentral is offering a one-time only £7 pound set up fee with 200 free phone minutes, 200 megabytes of data and 200 free texts for its basic service. Additional services of extra minutes, data and texting is how FreedomPop makes its profits, and they include packages starting from £4.99 to 16.99. FreedomPop offers another way to earn additional services free of charge through surveys for third parties. The founder of FreedomPop Stephen Stokols says that only 50% of its customers buy the additional services.

Mr. Stokols came up with the idea for FreedomPop while working for British Telecom. When he left BT in 2011, BT had turned down his proposal for the innovative new service for use in the United Kingdom. Gavin Patterson, then CEO of BT, liked the idea though and stayed with Mr. Stokols as a board adviser for FreedomPop. When FreedomPop made its bid for service in the UK Mr. Patterson left his position with FreedomPop to launch British Telecom’s own version of the free service.

FreedomPop will utilize WIFI networks to keep its costs down, and Mr. Stokols will be visiting the UK this month. He will meet with Mr. Patterson of BT to negotiate for WIFI service and use of its five million hotspots across the UK. 250,000 Britons are clamoring for service with FreedomPop, and Mr. Stokols is worried they will have to cap its initial subscriptions.

FreedomPop keeps its cost low by not owning any infrastructure or towers. Like Google it buys its bandwidth from providers like Sprint and T-Mobile at wholesale prices. At this time, Three Network is the sole provider for the bandwidth to FreedomPop in the United Kingdom.

The Man Who Perfoms Just Like Michael

Michael Jackson is a popular icon that will be known and remembered until the end of time. Michael Jackson set the precedent for many other pop stars that are well-known today. His songs, his dances, and his looks have been copied by many of the other entertainers, but in reality very few have been able to give an impersonation that is true to who Michael Jackson really is. When Michael Jackson passed away he left a legacy for other pop stars. He was a unique individual that not only sang, and danced, but he was a truly unique entertainer. Many impersonators have tried to copy Michael Jackson with his style, his looks, and his songs, but no one can really hold a candle to Michael Jackson, that is the reason why he is known as the king of pop.

There are many individuals that have made an attempt to have a good impersonation of Michael Jackson, but very few have been able to carry it out to the degree that Sergio Cortes has. Sergio Cortes is a young man that was born in Barcelona Spain. As a child he loved to watch the performances of the Jackson five on TV. Whenever he got the chance he would watch them and he would never miss one program. As he grew into a teenager he still really loved to watch Michael Jackson perform on his own. He would watch him in different videos and he would try to mimic his moves and his looks. Even though Sergio could not understand English at the time, he was able to memorize many of Michael Jackson’s songs.

Sergio Cortes caught the eye of a local reporter in Spain. This reporter asked Sergio if he would be interested in posing in photographs as if he was Michael Jackson. The young man agreed to do that, and the pictures of him eventually went viral and there started Sergio’s career. Sergio received offers for employment from many different entertainment companies and at the present moment Sergio lives in Brazil and he entertains all over the world. He performs concerts, he does dances, and he even wears the same costumes as Michael Jackson. There are many different video clips that a person can find on YouTube of Sergio Cortes, and the resemblance to Michael Jackson is uncanny. Sergio Cortes has made an amazing career of being a Michael Jackson impersonator. He truly does the entertainer a complement with his amazing performances.

Skout Mobile Dating Application

Skout is an iPhone operating system application for online dating. Nowadays there are many dating sites in the social network that are available. Skout is one of the mobile application that makes networking and modern pen-pal search a success. This company app was initially created a s a tool to enable networking for tourists or travelers to get to meet new people in different cities and enhance their connection in the new places they visit. It has however transitioned into a dating app by the many young adults who are flirting to make attraction to opposite sex counterparts in the app.

This mobile application has a travel feature that acts in the following two ways:
1. It assists the users of the application to meet with new people and make friends
2. It acts as a tool that links or connects people in cities they want or are planning to travel, but they do not have contacts.

This company has had to achieve on both missions. Nowadays Skout has had to be called the flirting app. This is because most of its users were using the site as a means to flirt and sending bathroom selfies. This has been a major challenge in many online dating and mobile dating application. However, the Skout Global Public relations manager said that they have banned oversharing of pictures and snaps of people flexing in front of their mirrors and those that have sexual content.

Valentine has been one of the oldest holidays and continues to be celebrated by lovers worldwide. This is a day when lovers celebrate their love and share beautiful memories together. Many singles embark on an expedition of looking for a love partner online. Two weeks before the special Valentine’s Day saw most messages sent more than two weeks after the Valentine’s Day in Zoosk Mobile application. Skout on the other had seen an increase in members signing up during the Valentine’s Day. It was seen in an increase in signups from many different countries in the world including France, British and Philippines.

Dating Apps Teens Abuse
These apps are mostly known by singles and teenagers who keep exploring new dating application sites in curiosity. Most of this sites are used to expand one’s social circle. Most of these apps were designed for adults and have an age limit for those who want to sign up. Teenagers in their curiosity always want to experiment and try out this dating sites and apps and end up meeting people twice their age. It is important that teens know what is best for them and know what is in and out of bounds. Most of these sites and apps are tools for dating and relationship and how to make a healthy and satisfying relationship.

Here are some of the adult apps that children are using:
• Skout – this is an app that allows signups for users to sign up as either a teen or an adult. It classifies its users and puts them in the age set they belong in and takes location data of each of them. Parental advice on this app is that it is the safest app for teens to sign up because it is strict on age, and it puts the users on the age set they belong in.
• Tinder – it tries to match users with potential people near their location. Photo and message sending is a major feature of this app.
• Badoo – is strictly an adult site for dating. This app tries to identify users locations using their location on their devices and matches pictures of profiles that are in a location near to the user. Parents need to know that Badoo is strictly not for kids.

Brian Mulligan – Success All The Way

Brian C. Mulligan began his career thirty years ago and immediately began to rise to great heights as an executive in the media and entertainment industry. From there Brian has continued to expand his credentials into sports, going from being a varsity quarterback in high school to writing for USA Today Sports, Fields of Green.
With an MBA in Business Management, Finance and Economics at the Univerity of California, Los Angeles, Brian Mulligan’s intelligence kept him on the Deans List every quarter. While attending school, although keeping his exemplary grades Brian helped to found the Entertainment Practice Unit, PwC where he became Senior manager from August 1983 to May 1989. This allowed him to attain the experience that would aid in his meteoric rise in his field.
After graduation, Mr Mulligan moved up the corporate ladder quickly beginning as Executive Vice President, MCA and a Board Member of the syfy channel within a short period of time. From there he held multiple Board Member positions for various companies in the entertainment and media industries. He has also held the positions of CEO, CFO, COO and Chairman of various organizations. At present Brian Mulligan holds the position of CEO of Brooknol Advisors, which is an advisory company for Entertainment, Sports and Media. He continues to find time to write for The Fields of Green whenever possible.
Mr. Mulligan has been honored by many for his hard work and knowledge including:
• Premier Magazines, “One of the 50 Most Powerful People in Hollywood”
• Entertainment Weekly’s “One of the 100 Most Powerful People in Entertainment”
• Los Angeles Business Journal’s “One of the Ten Most Prominent Bankers in Hollywood”
• TMT Quarterly and Law 360’s “One of the Leading Investment Bankers on Emerging Business Models”
Not only is Brian an elite businessman but also a known philanthropist. One of his principal charities is St. Judes Childrens Hospital. He also has an interest in helping animals who cannot help themselves.
Brian Mulligan has shown an intelligence that will help him continue to rise in the business world and has shown that he will continue to succeed in future projects.

John Textor: A Leader in the Visual Media Field

John Textor is an entrepreneur and a leader in the visual media industry. Before becoming a leader in his industry, Mr. Textor attended Wesleyan University where he received his Bachelor of Arts in economics. After graduating, he then co-founded a private equity firm called Wyndcrest Holdings, where he served as a Managing Partner. The Florida-based company has a focus on opportunities related to technology in entertainment, online, and telecommunications.

After leaving his position at Wyndcrest Holdings, John Textor took a position as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Digital Domain Media Group, based in Venice, California. With Digital Domain, Mr. Textor was responsible for the visual effects of some of the biggest feature films. Films that he has worked on include ones such as “Flags of our Fathers”, “Pirates of the Caribbean at World’s End”, “Transformers”, “Tron:Legacy”, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, and “Real Steel”. Under Mr. Textor’s leadership, Digital Domain had become known in the industry for their superior visual effects skills. The company has won many Academy Awards for their work. Pulse Evolution also holds the rights to likenesses for celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. They are also working on a joint venture with Florida State University’s bachelors program.

Currently, John Textor is the Executive Chairman of the Board at Pulse Evolution Corporation, based out of Port Saint Lucie, Florida. In this position, Mr. Textor is responsible for handling special projects, assisting the Chief Executive Officer when needed, and maintains partnerships with venues and major media companies. Pulse Evolution is an IP and digital production company that specializes in creating hyper-realistic, computer-generated human beings. The hyper-realistic humans that are created are used for entertainment platforms, education, and communications. Pulse Evolution also creates virtual reality humans used in concert performances. Most notable have been the hologram of Tupac Shakur that debuted at the 2012 Coachella Valley Music Festival and the hologram of Michael Jackson that appeared at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards.

In addition to being a leader in the visual media industry, John Textor has recently become a film producer, helping produce the film “Ender’s Game”.

FreedomPop Moving to the UK

FreedomPop has quickly become one of the fastest growing mobile service providers in the United States. It has turned down possible buyouts from larger companies like AT&T and Sprint and moved on to continue to prosper as it now has around a million customers in just three years as a service provider. With this success, the company has pushed towards other regions of the world as well,including the UK. In order to improve its foothold in the UK and to make sure its services are desirable, FreedomPop recently started an alpha test, offering free services to those interested.

FreedomPop has made a name for itself by offering up free wireless services to those who do not use loads of data or minutes. In the United States, customers who use 300 minutes, 300 texts or 500 MB of data do not need to pay at all for the service. Even for the additional services, a customer does not need to pay much if they go over. That is what has won over nearly a million new customers and is why FreedomPop on is pushing to offer its service to the UK. By partnering with KPN, a Dutch carrier, the company is not just looking to move into the UK, but Spain, France, Germany and into the Pacific Rim (as well as other southeastern Asian countries).

In order to make sure the company’s services are ready for the public, FreedomPop started to test out its services in the UK with its initial alpha testing. The tests began in mid September and the service plan has been revealed. Currently, individuals looking for a free service in the UK can receive 200 minutes, 200 text messages and 200 MB of data. They can boost their plan to include 1GB of data for $13 a month, while increasing their services to 1000 text messages, 2GB of data and unlimited minutes increases the service to $18 for an entire month.

The company has not yet announced whether or not 4G LTE is included in the alpha testing or if it is just a standard service without the faster data connection. For individuals interested in testing out the alpha service, they receive a free month on the company to see if they like it and if they would remain with the company. FreedomPop is also looking to add an additional carrier to boost the quality of service.

Operatic American Baritone singer Brian Mulligan

Brian Mulligan was born in New York but does hold dual citizenship with the United States and Ireland. He was raised in New York where he studied at Yale and Julliard to be an opera singer. He debuted at Metropolitan Opera house in 2003 while still at Julliard, in the play Die Frau Ohne Staten (The Woman without a Shadow). He also studied in some of the greatest opera houses in the world doing plays like La Boheme a tragic Italian love story, Pique Dame (The Queen of Hearts) Russian or French play, Lyric of the Opera in Chicago, Opera Frankfurt as Prospero in Ades The Tempest in the London Opera house. He has also shared his burnished, deep rich tone with the Canadian Opera Company as Enrico and went to the Houston Grand Opera Company and sang in La Boheme. In 2015 in the San Francisco Opera house he gets the role for a part of the famous play in Sondheim’s ‘Sweeney Todd’, conducted by Patrick Summers and Enrico in a new production of Lucia Di Lammermoor opposite Diana Damrau and Piotr Beczala, and conducted by Nicola Luisotti. In the same Opera house he starred as Roderick Usher in the highly admired show at Gordon Getty’s Usher House. Metropolitan opera, Valentin Marguerites unforgiving brother. He came close to stealing the show with his death scene that was riveting in its raw intensity. He played Richard Nixon in China with a vocal dramatic comical flair in 2012. Hes played in Hamlet, Faust, just to name a few. Brian has also traveled with many of the finest orchestras in America, including but not limited to a performance of the Mahler’s 8th Symphony, conducted by Gustavo Dudamel. The Chicago Orchestra(Songs for Adam), Cleveland Orchestra(A Sea Symphony) , The Houston Orchestra(Paulus), and The Los Angelos Philharmonic(Mahler Symphony #8), the Baltimore Symphony (Carmina Burana). If you like opera then try buying Brian Mulligan’s cd that was released by Deutsche Grammophon on DVD in 2012.

The Role of Yeonmi Park in North Korea’s Social Justice

Like many cruel governments, North Korea is seen as the father of impunity and human rights violations. They are kings of dictatorship and oppression. It is unpleasant because the government is targeting its citizens who have now opted to seek refuge in other countries. In fact, unconfirmed reports indicate that the government sends mercenaries, outside North Korea, to follow up and silence the defectors. Leaving the country for a safer place is the only way to continue advocating for the rights of others. Anyone who dares to stay in the country will soon or later die or mysteriously vanish and never be found.

The international community has on several occasions asked North Korea to come clean on its acts against humanity. Despite the fact that many defectors have come out to express their displeasure with the unruly government, it denies any involvement in such acts. There has been suspicion of human rights violation in North Korea, but for a long time, the world could not substantiate the allegations. It was until the emergency of defectors who were politicians and other authorities in the government, that the world has realized the truth.

People in the country are not free to associate and get all the information as in other countries. The government determines the content of what people hear and are equally incited against other countries. Young children grow up with hatred they cannot understand. In fact, hatred for other countries is more of their role from the government. People are living in abject poverty as the political class continues to enjoy all the needs and wants a human being may access. Also, the government has built prisons and secluded sites where opposes are sent for punishment and slavery. They are enslaved until they change their minds on the course they had initiated.

It is the duty of human rights activist and the international community to oversee the role every country plays in giving its citizens their fundamental rights. Some countries deny people their vital rights of association or free speech. Talking the truth that demeans the presidency or those in power to closest to an abomination, and one will be punished and injured at the least. In worse cases, people are killed for the slightest expression of their rights. The cases have sent fear and panic to a level that no one wants to start movements in their countries. The case in the Northern country is worse, for people have to leave before trying anything of the sort.

At just 21 years, Yeonmi Park has risen to celebrity status for her outstanding job as a human rights activist for the people of North Korea. Her case is not different, for she went through oppression, was sold as a slave by her country and parents killed. Park is determined to unveil the truths about North Korea and how the Kim government is depriving its citizens of their primary rights. She has channeled her course through speeches in conferences and her recent book, In Order to Live.

Writing Wikipedia Articles is not Difficult – Read About it Here!

Writing and editing Wikipedia articles is done for fun and for pay by many computer users. Wiki writing services brings joy to many individuals, especially on Wikipedia. Being able to edit existing articles that may need a little extra information, or that have minor or significant errors to correct is a great privilege. With this responsibility comes a few rules and guidelines to follow when composing and editing.

When writing Wikipedia articles, give the audience something to read the pertains directly to the topic is crucial to having an appealing article. If an existing article is about the Toyota Camry, details about how to perform an oil change should probably not be in that article. Instead, composing an article about oil changes or editing one that already exists would be the correct thing to do.

Understanding where to use bold text is also important. Keep in mind that only the first usage of the title of the article should be in boldface. For example, only bold the term “oil change” in the first or second sentence of the oil change article. Do not bold the term any other places in the article.

If you have spare time, proofread other articles that you have helped edit, or articles you have not created. Peer reviewing is important for the accuracy of Wikipedia’s articles. Without anybody that knows how to write looking over your article, your article may contain inaccurate information, and might stay that way forever. Peer reviewing is so reputable, it is an integral part of academia and other research studies.

Get Your Wiki is a company that offers Wikipedia article services to clients. is where Get Your Wiki can be located, and where their services can be purchased. Get Your Wiki offers article creation services, editing services, translation, and ensures that the articles they are authorized to service remain unedited by other people. Get Your Wiki is undoubtedly the most reputable company online that provides composing and editing services to its users. Get Your Wiki is very appealing to customers because the writers at the company know exactly how to correctly write Wikipedia articles (learning every single guideline Wikipedia has can be rather tedious).

Not using certain phrases known as weasel or peacock terms is recommended. These terms add unnecessary flair to sentences that do not need such flair, and include phrases such as “a super exciting, awesome, super cool person.” In the aforementioned sentence, none of the words were necessary to get the point that “a person” is being talked about.

Yeonmi Park Tells of Horrors of Life in the North

Human rights could be described as the fundamental rights that all people are entitled to for simply being human. These rights to which all human beings are inherently entitled such as: protection from enslavement, freedom of speech, right to a fair trial, right to education and the prohibition of genocide. These rights are considered inherent to all human beings regardless of their: nationality, location, religion or the language they speak. These rights believed to apply to all regardless of status.

The United Nations General Assembly passed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 after the fall of Nazi Germany and the genocide of the Jewish people during World War II. This was the culmination of the natural rights and natural law tradition brought on in Europe during the age of Enlightenment and playing a part in the philosophy that led to the American and French revolutions.

While the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is considered to be a step in the right direction there are still many human rights atrocities that have occurred since it’s signing and some that are still occurring.

In Cambodia in the 1970s the Khmer Rouge are estimated to have killed between 740,000 and 3 million people with about half being estimated as executions and the other half being from disease and starvation. People were executed for being able to read, speak a foreign language or wearing glasses among other things.

The Rwanda Genocide, a mass slaughter of Tutsi and moderate Hutu people occurred from mid April to mid July 1994. Between 500,000 and 900,000 Rwandan people were killed in approximately 100 days. Nearly 20 percent of the Rwandan people were killed in this massacre.

Also in Africa, the Second Congo War that began in 1998 and officially ended in 2003 is the deadliest in Africa’s modern history. In 2008 it was estimated that the war and its deadly aftermath caused 5. 4 million deaths primarily from starvation.

In Asia, North Korea also known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea may be the most oppressive government in existence today. The few defectors who have escaped North Korea tell of everything from mass starvation, wrongful imprisonment, torture, forced labor, executions and a total suppression of free speech. The country has been ruled by a family of dictators since 1948 and is currently ruled by the founder’s grandson Kim Jong-un. He is reported to have ordered that dissidents be fed to dogs even shot with anti-aircraft guns.

One North Korea defector who is not afraid to speak out is 21-year-old Yeonmi Park on youtube. The activist who described narrowly escaping North Korea into China when she was 13 and being sold to a man as a sex slave. Yeonmi Park then describes traveling across the Gobi Desert in the middle of the night in the freezing cold to escape. Park describes how she frequently had to be grass and bugs to survive in the north and how young girls are being sold for a few hundred dollars. But, Park says there is hope and she works tirelessly to encourage change a grassroots level and she is not alone with organizations such as Liberty and North Korea also known as LINK with its leader Hannah Song now more than ever North Koreans have a chance to have their fundamental human rights recognized.