The Irresistible Charm of Tarallucci e Vino’s Private Event Space

When you want to host a special event in NYC, it can be a challenge to find the perfect event space. Thankfully, New York has you covered as far as event space is concerned. There are spaces available to elegantly host your party, anniversary, wedding, and any other event you want to celebrate with style. Of course the dining is as spectacular as the event spaces.

Charlie Bird
This Italo-American restaurant is more than relaxed and nostalgic of the boombox era. The visually stimulating yellow seats and rustic chairs blend well with the decor and music selection. Expect to hear sounds of Jay Z, Snoop Dogg, and the like, whilst you dine on brunch, lunch, or dinner. Enjoy the tastes of wild ocean trout, roasted chicken, and charred artichokes. Charlie Bird also has an intimate private dining room that is perfect for 10 guests. You can make reservations for an intimate party or take your big group in and be seated in the main area. Perhaps you’ll want to try the uni pasta this Soho restaurant is becoming known for. If you have little ones, the restaurant is very accommodating for them and they’ll love the homemade pasta. You can expect Charlie Bird to serve up an excellent meal 7 days a week and even late night.

The Nomad
In the Flatiron and Nomad neighborhood, stop in at The Nomad for a taste of New American dishes. This polished and ornate restaurant designed by Jacques Garcia sits you on velvet seats and Persian rugs. Enjoy breakfast or come in late at night and enjoy the skylight. Take a seat on the rooftop and enjoy trout smoked with cucumber or duck roasted with fresno pepper. You’re sure to find the dish that tantalizes you at The Nomad.

Tarallucci e Vino
When it comes to getting a private event space in New York, it’s necessary to mention Tarallucci. In Union Square, you have the choice of two different event spaces that are well suited for any occasion. Count on Chef Ricardo Bilotta to give you the perfect blend of the modern culinary world and traditional Italian fare. You are certain to find the dish that speaks to you. Enjoy your dish in the intimate Mezzanine area which is designed for small group gatherings. Whether you’re hosting 30 or 80, The Mezzanine is sure to exceed your expectations.

All of your needs as well as your guest’s need can easily be met. The area is complete with a lounge area, bar, and beautiful antique furnishings. If elegance and space are important facets to your ideal private event space, take a close look at Tarallucci e Vino. Partake in wine from the custom wine cellar and revel in the sophistication. The 6th Floor Loft can actually be altered just for your event. Have the space changed to better suit your business meeting or birthday party as you see fit. The opulent surroundings at Tarallucci are simply spectacular. The space provides the perfect background for you to host nearly any event. Find Directions Below:


A Success Story of Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is an American businessman, a venture capitalist, and an entrepreneur. Marc Sparks lives in Dallas, and he is currently involved in maintaining multiple of portfolio firms. He is the head of Timber Creek Capital. Being a successful business person, Marc does not look at his success as luck but rather as a result of hard work.

Marc as a philanthropic

Marc outlines his success story not as a way of intimidating people or feeling above others but as a way of encouraging others to take the bold step. Marc Sparks published a book explaining how he attained success in business. The title of the book is “They can’t eat you”. Marc is a philanthropist.

His philanthropic gestures are evident in his involvement with Samaritan Inn, which is a homeless home. He contributes to the magnet school program in Dallas. Marc does not only give his money but also volunteers his time too. He works with Habitat for Humanity that focuses on building houses for the needy.

Marc has ventured in multiple of ventures. Particularly, Sparks is in the telecommunication industry. However, he has other businesses too. Marc does not start singular ventures; he is a serial entrepreneur. Learn more about Marc Sparks: and

Sparks as a venture capitalist

Marc is a venture capitalist who gives his money to entrepreneurs who are headed for success. He has been a venture capitalist. Every firm at some point requires start-up money. Every individual gets to that point where they lack the funds to take things further. It is at that point that you search for venture capitalists to help you expand your business or start a venture.

As an entrepreneur, consider coming up with a unique and meaningful business idea if you want to sell the presentation to a venture capitalist. Sparks just like any other venture capitalist, he needs to see what to expect from your business idea. Venture capitalists like Sparks look for specific things.

If you want to get funds from a venture capitalist like Sparks, you need to tell them a legitimate story citing your data. Offer the venture capitalist graphics they can see rather than wasting time providing graphics they cannot see.

As an entrepreneur looking for a venture capitalist, you need to keep your things simple. Make your presentation simple and precise to gain their attention. Be the product of your idea and present it well. To convince Marc to be your venture capitalist, an entrepreneur needs to show their passion, professionalism and drive.

Through his book, Marc Sparks motivates people to venture into the business world. Marc feels that people should not limit their potentials, and he believes that any individual can become successful. You can read his book to get tips for success in business.