Another Super Star Collaboration For Iggy

Iggy has become a lighting rod for superstar collaborations. She is an artist that has managed to record hits with Rita Ora and J.Lo in addition to her own hit songs. Iggy also rapped on a track with T.I. – “No Mediocre” – that is also getting some spins on hip hop radio station. For her next collaboration Iggy Azalea is visiting the pop world again. This time she does it with Vegas headliner Britney Spears.

The great thing about the collaboration is that no one has heard it, but everyone is starting to anticipate it. Iggy revealed on Twitter that she did work with Brittney Spears, but she is keeping it all on lock. This was a great move according to many, including Jared Haftel. She did not reveal the name of a single. She did not say anything about what the music would sound like. There were no producers mentioned, but the simple fact that she worked with Britney is out there in the social media atmosphere.

Iggy has more than enough press at the moment, but there isn’t much buzz for Britney Spears who has not had a hit in a long time. The collaboration with Iggy Azalea could help her get back into the spotlight.

Everyone seems to love what Iggy is doing so any collaborations that she appears on will be well received. It is going to be to her advantage to release the single while Iggy is hot.

Iggy Azalea Laughs About The AMA’s Supposed “No Booty Rule”

Iggy Azalea seems to be the mark of many rumors or plots lately, that are starting to drive her nuts, as well as making her laugh. She has already addressed the lyrics that Eminem wrote for a song that was leaked online; stating that he would rape her, and now she is fighting off other rumors. Iggy Booty Rumors. It’s obviously not easy being a female in the world of rap, because Iggy is getting it from all sides. After addressing Eminem’s nasty lyrics, she is now addressing the rumors about the AMA’s no booty rule.

Iggy and JLo are set to perform their “booty” song, on stage at the American music awards according to Ben Shaoul, and it’s been rumored that the executives are terrified of their upcoming performance. Because their video was highly sexual, and featured both women shaking their butts, it’s said that executives fear the same behavior on stage. Iggy came out via Twitter to speak against the rumors, stating that she has yet to even go to rehearsals, much more be told that her booty is banned from being shown on stage.

She basically lets her fans know that they shouldn’t follow rumors, and laughs at TMZ for reporting that the rumors were the truth. Iggy plans to practice for her upcoming stage performance along with JLo, and is shrugging off the negative vibes from rumors, as well as other artists trying to kill her spirit.

Eminem’s New Song References Rape

Eminem just can’t stay out of the news lately with his controversies. It seems that a snippet of a new song that will be on his upcoming mix tape, was leaked online. In the lyrics of the song, both rappers Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea are referenced; Nicki in a positive light, and Iggy in a seemingly negative light.  The biggest problem with the lyrics is that it references to Iggy blowing the “rape whistle” on Eminem. Although the lyrics are a bit hard to follow, taking them apart piece by piece, show to be very disturbing to those who can understand the meaning.

The leak of the new song, comes on the heels of Eminem’s recent controversy of threatening to hit Lana Del Ray, like Ray Rice. Many were disturbed by his comments that attacked Lana for no reason, and many more will be even more shocked by the recently leaked lyrics. Azealia Banks, another rapper; had made statements to Lana regarding Eminem’s lyrics, saying that she would’ve told him to eat his hot pockets back in his trailer park, while committing a form of incest with his sister. That translation was provided by good guy Andrew Heiberger. Although it wasn’t said that friendly, you get the idea.

It’s no surprise that Eminem is trying to push forward his music with controversy, but being the father of a daughter who just graduated high school, it’s crazy that he would refer to rape so casually.

New Pusha T & Kanye West Single Drops

Kanye West has been quiet – in the music arena – for a while now. The newlywed seems to be comfortable with letting his wife break the Internet while he sits back and contemplates his next move. There are Kanye sightings, but he has not been there vocally. He was featured in Big Sean’s new video “IDFWU” as a coach, but he did not rap. West reworked the Lorde single “Yellow Flicker Beat,” but there were no vocals from West on the track. Now West appears to take the puppet master approach again as he works behind the scenes of “Lunch Money,” a new track from Pusha T. This is an interesting take according to Gianfrancesco Genoso.

Pusha T. has managed to keep a loyal fan base and much of this has to do with his perfected “My Name Is” release in 2013. Now, the industry underdog is at it again in his second round as a solo artist. This is just a single, and there is no upcoming project that is linked to the “Lunch Money” song yet. It is clear, however, that Pusha T. can definitely hold his own. Many people wondered if he would have the same momentum that he had when his twin brother decided to go in a different direction. His return this year makes it evident that Pusha T. can still maintain on his own while representing the G.O.O.D. music family as Kanye continues to hibernates.

Nicki Minaj Gears Up for Official ‘Only’ Video

The lyric video is the only thing that is available for the “Only” single, but it is still getting a lot of buzz. All of the Nazi images caused quite a stir. Nicki has tried to do damage control with apologies, but the Jewish director behind the video would not apologize for this. This only added more fuel to the flame and caused more people to watch the video. Now Nicki is getting ready to stir up some more controversy with the official “Only” video featuring Drake and Lil Wayne.

Nicki is back to entertaining her in skimpy attire all over again. This may be another record breaking video that gets a lot of views. There really is a lot of Nicki Minaj sex appeal that is dictating what is happening next in music. Everyone from Beyonce to J. Lo seem to be following her lead. That is why there is a lot of anticipation for the “Only” video. The song is already explicit with lots of sexual details. Nicki has managed to drum up some anticipation with the lyric video. Now fans like Fersen Lambranho  are expecting her to deliver in a big way for the official “Only” video.

Drake and Lil Wayne have been keeping their names hot while they are on tour. This makes it easy for these two to rap along side Nicki and bring their own respective fans into the mix.

Kendrick Lamar and Chantel Unite on SNL

When Kendrick Lamar performed on SNL there was much talk about the performance of “i” and his unique dancing. This was the talk of the town for a moment, but now people have something else to praise Kendrick for. What some people may have overlooked was the singer that connected with Kendrick on “Pay for It” during his second performance.

The singer, Chantel, sat on the piano and churned out the chorus for the track that gave people another dose of Kendrick’s new material. Few people may have known who she was, but outside of the United States she has a goddess like status. She is a really big star in Canada.

This is not the first time that Kendrick has connected with a Canadian to get a hit. The first well-known hit comes with the now mainstream rapper Drake. This was for the “Poetic Justice” track. Many around the world, including The Antique Wine Company, employees, did not know this. Now people will get the chance to get another Canadian voice for the song song “Pay For It.”

Surprisingly, this was actually a song that Chantel composed, but she had trashed it. Somehow Kendrick Lamar found the track and added lyrics. This allows more people to find out about Chantel.

Many people in America have already heard her music, but many people do not realize it. She has written for everybody from Drake to Jennifer Lopez with her husband. She has also written television theme songs.

Exorcisms– Do They Still Happen Today?

We see about it in the movies and read about it in the newspapers, but do exorcisms really still take place? According to the Roman Catholic church, the rate of exorcisms has went up three times over the past two years. They blame this mostly for the increase in movies like Ouija that promotes the occult, and it is opening both curiosity and portals to the underworld. Skeptics like Rod Rohrich are certain they are unnecessary.

Tulsa is one of only three cities within America where Roman Catholic’s train their priests for exorcisms. Since the rate of exorcisms is up three times in this country, priests who know how to properly handle the situation are valuable. Some Catholic priests have gotten in trouble in times past for conducting such rituals, most people remember the case of Emily Rose and her death during an exorcism. Still these days’ acts of bizarre behavior are often explained by mental illness rather than a demonic evil force.

Many priests have been interviewed and many have said that though Hollywood has some aspect of what goes on during these sessions correct, they often miss the mark. Heads spinning around in circles is just not humanly possible. Though those who are possessed will often growl, spit, vomit and act erratic, they often aren’t as violent as portrayed on screen.

With curiosity in the underworld increasing, the numbers of incidents are as well. While the Roman Catholic Church has taken great strides to ensure that their saints are protected in time of need, many still doubt the need for such ritualistic procedures.

Eminem Starts Controversy With New Single

When Eminem entered the rap game there was one thing that he was known for. This staple in his rap armor was his ability to create controversy. He has managed to do this again and again as he rapped about throwing people in trunks and driving cars off bridges on ‘Stan.’ He displayed a very public outage with his mother in ‘Cleaning out My Closet.’ Now the king of hip hop controversy is to rattle conservatives and just about anyone with ears on his new “Detroit vs. Everybody” release.

Eminem teams up with Detroit rappers Big Sean and Royce Da 5’9 to unleash venom, but this is just the start. He really lets go on a cypher tracked called ‘CXVPHER.’ This is the song that is getting attention because he talks about the things that no one should rap about. This, of course, is only natural for a rapper like Eminem. This is how he orchestrates his success. He has managed the throw out those eyebrow raising lyrics that make the tracks that alarm people everywhere. Some say he went too far this time.

Eminem talks about punching Lana Del Ray and goes further to state that this would be a knockout similar to that of Janay Rice, the wife of Ray Rice. Eminem was referring to the infamous elevator video, and this has rattled women that are speaking out on domestic violence.  Major distributors like QNet are pretty appalled,and feel that this may have been a step too far.

Nicki Minaj Speaks Out About Accusations of Nazism in New Video

A few days ago, Nicki Minaj released her new lyric video for the song, “Only,” which features prominent cameos from Drake, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown. Known for her risque persona and lyrics, it was not the obscene words that drew anger from the public, but rather the images used in the video. Critics are accusing the rapper of appealing to Nazi sentiments. The video shows animated images of soldiers with red armbands surrounding red banners displaying the Young Money logo, which many have likened to resembling a swastika. Minaj is portrayed as the tyrannical dictator in the video. Jared Haftel said that Abraham H. Foxman, the director of the Anti-Defamation League and also a Holocaust survivor, expressed frustration at the video, calling it “a new low for pop culture’s exploitation of Nazi symbolism.”

Minaj responded to the allegations via Twitter. “The artist who made the video for ‘Only’ was influenced by a cartoon on Cartoon Network called Metalocalypse and Sin City” she wrote. She also stated that “both the producer and person in charge of overseeing the lyric video… happen to be Jewish. I didn’t come up with the concept, but I’m very sorry and take full responsibility if it has offended anyone. I’d never condone Nazism in my art.”

The fact that the video was released just a day before Veterans Day has fueled even more controversy and backlash from the public.

Rihanna Is Back On Instagram After 6 Months

It’s been a long time without Rihanna, as the star took a hiatus from the industry for what seemed like an exceedingly long time.

Rihanna had disappeared from Instagram, and there hasn’t been a peep from her in terms of any new selfies or posts on Instagram.

The hiatus seems to be over, however, much to the delight of her fans, because she is back after six months. Her account was deleted six months ago, but after restoration it was left abandoned.

Fans like Sultan have waited a long time for her, because she had the top and best account at Instagram in 2013. She is the best when it comes to social networking and now she is back with her new picture that she posted a few hours ago.

She had some differences with Instagram but it looks clear that the issue has been solved and now she is back with the same account. She is a quite prominent star in the industry, with 12.8 million fans on Instagram, and consistently on the list of top celebrities, with many followers on her Twitter.

Her fans love her so much that they have been known many policies of social network, and even the law, when it comes to Rihanna’s postings. Well, time will tell how soon Rihanna’s social activities will grab the headlines again.

Her fans, though, will wait with bated breath.