An Unexpected “All About That Bass” Fan

Beyonce has been on tour all year long. No one knows what she is listening to because she has been too busy singing her own songs. Now, there is evident that Beyonce has more on her playlist than her own music. “All About that Bass” singer Meghan Trainor recently got the chance to meet Beyonce. During a recent interview Meghan stated that she got to meet Beyonce – at Beyonce’s request – at the Billboard awards. From this meeting she found out that Beyonce was a big fan of the song.

This is interesting simply because few people know what Beyonce likes. She doesn’t work with a lot of people. She doesn’t do a lot of talking about general interests because there are always so many questions arising about her career. Few interviewers ever take the time to see what she likes. They are always so busy trying to find out more about her next moves in her own career. This is why it was refreshing to find that Meghan Trainor had a secret that the rest of the world did not know according to Ben Shaoul.

It was probably a good guess that Beyonce would have liked the song though. She loves to dance, and it is a great song to dance to. Meghan Trainor is currently promoting her new single “Lips are Moving,” while fans are still hanging on to the “All About that Bass” track.

Kid Cudi song is leaked

Everyday an artist gets violated. Not by the press or paparazzi but by individuals that leak the artist’s music. Music artists work hard on singles and album’s only to have to see them prematurely released by an unknown person or group. John Textor understands the struggle.

Kid Cudi has been a recent victim of leaked music but he informs his Twitter followers that he isn’t pleased with the situation. Cudi stated via Twitter that he doesn’t condone the recent leak and that any and all parties that are involved in the current and future leaks should lawyer up. 

Cudi has a right to be infuriated; an unfinished song was leaked to the public before he could perfect it. Perhaps to him this means that his fans will be robbed of hearing a song that has his stamp of approval. According to reports the songs was uploaded to and was recorded in 2010 that was part of a group project that was to be entitled Almighty GloryUs. For this project Cudi partnered with King Chip. 

Even though no evidence has been provided regarding who the culprit is that leaked Cudi’s unfinished song, Cudi has an idea about who the leaker was. According to Twitter rants posted by Cudi, he believes that Chip and the producer of the song, Chuck Inglish, are the people to blame for the unauthorized release of material.

Cudi’s, comment toward Chuck could be a warning about legal action that he is taken. According to reports, the younger rapper posted @Chuckisdope break open that piggy bank.

Lana Del Rey, Coldplay and Lorde, Make Best Original Song Oscar Shortlist

Various trucks by Bon Iver, the Shins, Kendrick Lamar with Alicia Keys and many other artists vied for a much needed nomination at the 87th Academy Awards. Soon after the ‘Golden Globes’ declared their list of nominees in various categories including the ‘Best Original Song’ category, the 87 Academy Awards released their list of candidates shortlisted. The nominees will vie for an Oscar’s 87th annual ceremony.

Lana Del Rey, Coldplay, Lorde, Bon Iver, Alicia Keys & Kendrick Lamar and Glen Campbell were all in contention before ‘Best Original Song’ nominees are formally announced together with the other Oscar hopefuls on the 15th of January.

Coincidentally, says that all of the five tracks nominated for the ‘Best Original Song’ category at Golden Globe made through the nomination process at the Oscars. Other nominees in the list include John Legend and Common’s ‘Glory’ from Selma, Lana Del Rey’s ‘Big Eyes’ from Big Eyes, Patti Smith and Lenny Kaye’s ‘Mercy Is’ from Noah and Lorde’s ‘Yellow Flicker Beat’ from The Hunger Games are joined by over 60 other tracks.

Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams’ Paddington unreleased track known as ‘Shine’ is a surprise inclusion. Famous snubs from the shortlist include Joanna Newsom & every non-Lorde track from the original Hunger Games’ soundtrack, which the ‘Pure Heroine’ songster curated. Another prominent exclusion is Joanna Newsom and every non-Lorde track from the Hunger Games list of soundtracks.

DJ Mustard Spilled All Over 2014

If you listen to hip hop radio it was difficult to listen and not hear the “Mustard on the beat” drop at the beginning of tracks. This is the DJ Mustard tag that lets you know who is producing the beat as soon as the song starts. MTV gathered a very definitive list of the accomplishments of DJ Mustard in 2014.

Surprisingly, MTV gave Big Sean’s “IDFWU” track the number one spot on their list. This comes as a shock to many fans that did not know who DJ Mustard was until Tinashe dropped “2 On.” For many music lovers that took to the dance floor during this summer this was the coming out party for DJ Mustard. It actually was not because he produced 63 tracks this year. This was just a halfway point, but it was the track that most people associated with DJ Mustard. MTV ranked the Tinashe track at #5 on their list.

DJ Mustard produced more hip hop than R&B tracks, but the R&B tracks were the ones that got him the most recognition. After all, that is why Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez knows him. The Jeremiah track “Don’t Tell’Em” was huge. It was so big that Lorde even covered the track in one of her live performances. The Trey Songz track “Na Na” also helped Trey launch his “Trigga” album in 2014. The R&B artist received more radio play. These became the bread and butter tracks for DJ Mustard.

Rap Beefs in 2014

Gone as the days of Biggie and Tupac beefs that often became fatal. John Textor even said himself that the new beef platform in hip hop is all about the social media. MTV recapped several of the beef battles that stirred up some social media buzz in 2014 (

Iggy Azalea has certainly been picked on more than anyone in 2014. Snoop, out of nowhere, started picking on Iggy via Twitter and Instagram. Iggy remained polished right up until her mentor T.I. called Snoop to get this matter resolved. As soon as Snoop went silent Eminem got fired up and took over the bullying role. He appeared to make negative comments about everyone from Lana Del Ray to Ray Rice’s wife. Iggy was another casualty that just got thrown into his mix. On the “Vegas” song Eminem displayed a very quick tongue flow, but Iggy had the last laugh by winning at the American Music Awards.

Azealia Banks also tried to make a name for herself by dissing Iggy Azalea. The media even tried to make beef between Nicki Minjai and Iggy. Somehow Iggy has remained calm and has continued to thrive.

Other notable beefs from the list include the altercation between T.I. and Azealia Banks, Lil Kim and Nicki Minaji, and Damon Dash and Jim Jones. Many people were surprised to see Lil Wayne tweet on the Cash Money fallout. The Drake and Tyga beef also exploded all over Twitter.

No More Smash Hits From T-Pain

The ever popular song writer/singer T-Pain has come out to say that he is done trying to please people with his songs. My friend Vijay Eswaran shared this with me.  He is starting now with his new album “Stoicville” to only please himself. He is sick and tired of trying to make his songs “chart-toppers.” He even goes to admit that he doesn’t even like most of his songs. He would just sing them because he was promised a new car or something else new and expensive. T-Pain has even gone to say that Kanye West uses Auto-Tune incorrectly.
It all started when T-Pain started using less and less Auto-Tune. Now that he is without it, he feels that he doesn’t need to please anyone anymore. Ultimately he wants to please himself and fulfill his dream by doing what he wants and likes to do, rather than what other people want. Who can blame him? I think with this message, it’ll send out messages to other song artists that they are free to do as they please when it comes to writing and singing music.

Chris Brown, Karrueche and Drake Love Triangle

This weekend anyone with an Instagram account was following the Chris Brown and Karrueche breakup. It seems this couple much like most young hollywood couples is on a neverending rollercoaster of making up and breaking up. For two years the world wasn’t sure if Chris Brown was with Karrueche or Rihanna, and just when it seemed the couple was on the straight and narrow they treat the internet to the messiest breakup since Khloe and Lamar.

It all started Friday night when Drake took a break from his Cali Christmas set to address the single ladies in the crowd by letting them all know that he too was single before going into a very pointed performance of his hit single “Loyal.”

Not long after his diss Karrueche took to Instagram to let their followers know that it was she who dumped him and that he was clearly “In his feelings.” Of course in true Chris Brown Fashion he could think of no better way to confront the situation than head on and in full detail. Chris followed Karrueche’s post with a long winded post that shed light on the real reason for the unexpected breakup, Drake.

In Chris’s shocking post he went on to mention that the entire relationship was a show and that Karrueche only visited him one time during his time in prison this summer, while she also was apparently sneaking off to Toronto to secretly date Drake. This whole thing seems like a mess to Gianfrancesco Genoso. He soon deleted his post but of course the post has been screenshot and is making its rounds on blogs all over the internet.

Timbaland Shares After Tink Collaboration

Timbaland is really excited about his new artist Tink. He finds a way to talk about her where ever he goes. Right now fans are getting a chance to get another Timbaland and Tink track featuring Andre 3000 (

Rick Ross was the first to say that he was not thrilled about Timbaland exposing one of his tracks called “Movin’ Bass’ that featured Tink and Jay-Z. According to Ross, the track was created by him and Jay-Z. When Timbaland let the track go on the Breakfast Club Morning Show there was some instant tension with Rick Ross. Now, Timbaland is at it again with some new Tink promotion on a track called “UFO.”

This track features the ever so elusive Andre 3000 of OutKast. Everyone that is a fan of Andre 3000 is anxious to hear more from him. This is a gateway to a rapper that has been silent most of this year. We’ve been playing this one on repeat over at the Amen Clinic all morning.

With Tink, it is another chance to show off her skills as the hip hop world prepares for another female MC. She is not going for the sex appeal that Nicki Minaj promotes. To the contrary, Tink appears to be very rough around the edges.

So far she has become an artist that Timbaland appears to be obsessed with. He is usually promoting her music even when he is not with her. He is promoting her new material very heavily.

Fergie Releases New Single

Fergie is now back with her solo LP, and it has proved to be a seriously ambitious release that brings to whole new style to her repertoire. Even those that hadn’t been fans before might be interested in giving her another shot.

She shared in an interview with Murray of the Rolling Stone that she is doing everything she possibly can to get the feeling across to the listener through visuals and live performances.

“It’s all about transporting my feeling to you and getting that same kind of collective feeling going on between the listener and the performer,” Fergie said.

Being back in the music industry, Fergie is feeling great especially being back in the studio with Gianfrancesco Genoso has always been a fan of her music in general. After giving birth to her son Axl Jack, Fergie is definitely excited to do what she really loves. Also, fergie does dance classes to get back her sexy body. She has been to listening to music that made her body sway.

Her Mami Wants to Have Some Fun album has different songs that come different from each other having its own character.

On her L.A. Love song which was produced by DJ Mustard, Fergie said that they were in the studio which she considers it like the zen den at her home. Fergie is now continuing her career as an artist and is happy for being a mother to her son.

Nicki Minaj Revealed

Nicki Minaj has been doing a lot of promotion to get ready for her upcoming album. She’s granting interviews, as well as putting out videos for her fans like Vijay Eswaran. Recently, she did an interview on Twitter, where she answered questions asked by her fans.Nicki Minaj Interview. She revealed many personal things about herself, and some that were not known until her recent interview. Nicki states that she hopes to have a child in preschool by the year 2021, so if you do the calculations, she’ll need to get pregnant by at least 2016 to 2017.

In past interviews, Nicki has stated that she is under a six album contract, and she anticipates having the child by the fifth album. She may want to do those albums very quickly. She also stated in her interview that she was proposed to in the past, and she said yes, but she is not currently married, and it’s never been recorded that she ever got married. This marriage proposal happened 10 years ago, and there is no mention of who the proposer was.

Nicki also admits that she is not very close to her mother anymore, for reasons that she has not spoken of. She also stated that 16 years ago, she was pregnant, and almost had a child, but lost it, and has not mentioned how this came to be. Nicki states that her 16 year old brother, reminds her of her child, that would also be 16 now.