FreedomPop Has Some Big Investors Behind It

When you have someone standing behind you and telling you that they believe in you and what you are doing it has to feel good. It has to give you the reassurance that you need to keep at what you are doing, and to try hard to do it even better.

That is the way that FreedomPop has to be feeling right now. They had been considering selling out their company for a while, but they decided against it. And they were able to raise $30 million from investors. And, now they have raised another $10 million.

FreedomPop has received all of the encouragement that they need to keep going and to keep offering their free mobile services. They have received encouragement to try and do bigger and better things with their company. Their investors have told them that what they are doing is good, and now FreedomPop has the pressure to impress everyone who has invested in them.

This is great for anyone who wants to use their services. It’s good to know that FreedomPop has some big plans coming up. And it’s good to know that they have received the funding that they need to not only keep doing what they’re already doing, but to follow through on the plans that they have, as well.

FreedomPop offers a unique service, and they had to have felt really good when they received all of the funding that they did. It just shows that their uniqueness is something special and good, and that they are doing well at what they are doing.

Crystal Hunt Makes A Name For Herself

Crystal Hunt is probably best known for her role as the troubled Lizzie Spaulding on the infamous soap opera The Guiding Light. After being noticed by an agent in New York at an Actors Workshop, she was offered the role on the iconic series without hesitation. Her role on Guiding Light earned her a Emmy nomination, which was quite impressive for a young teenage actress. While portraying the misguided teenager on Guiding Light, she hit it big when she landed a role opposite Zac Efron in The Derby Stallion. After a four-year run on Guiding Light, she continued acting in film and costarred with Amanda Bynes, in Sydney White, which was a romantic comedy with a modern day edge on the epic Snow White fairy tale.

In 2009, Crystal Hunt returned to daytime television when she accepted the role of Stacy Morasco on One Life To Live, where she remained for three years. Wanting to branch out, Crystal took to the big screen again and costarred with Arielle Kebbel, Dania Ramirez and Evan Ross in the suspense/thriller NYC Underground, where she played one out of group of four teenagers who were involved in a drug deal gone bad in Brooklyn, New York.

In 2015, Crystal took once again to prime time television and costarred with the legendary actress and producer Donna Mills and Emmy Award-Winner Vanessa Marcil in Queens of Drama.

Whether it is on prime time television, daytime drama of a major motion picture, Crystal Hunt continues to reinvent herself doing what she loves.

The many ideals of philanthoropist and Business man Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is a successful businessman who has started several successful businesses and along with his beautiful wife have become well educated loving philanthropist who have succeed in funding education initiatives for disadvantaged youth. Mr. Levenson has his hands all in different fields of business from business intelligence, professional sports, and cooking technology, he created a mobile app for motorized to log on and find the lowest priced gas in the area. Mr. Levenson also has a creation that can toast sliced breaded in less then three seconds. As an entrepreneur Mr. and Mrs. Levenson has created successful companies and with the wealth that they have generated they are spreading love to others by funding educational programs and helping students that are less fortunate get an education.
Bruce Levenson records are emasculate when it comes to running a successful business his business endeavors range from controlling owner of the Atlanta Hawks, board of governors of Tech target and IT industry media company, united communications group (UCG) started in 1977 and his track rule still holds prestige’s. Bruce Levenson is a force to be reckoned with he will retire as a successful and educated entrepreneur/philanthropist. Bruce Levenson and his wife is a beautiful powerful successful power couple.

Meet Brazil’s Extraordinarily Gifted Fiction Literature Champion Garcia Jamie Dias

Notable Brazilian fiction writer and literary icon Jamie Garcia Dias has over 20+ book releases and several official journal publications. He began an early writing career at about 15. Dias didn’t just inherit his father’s DNA, he’s taken over his writing legacy too. The now 40-something-year-old writer has 5 national awards to his name and multiple bestsellers. Dias recently collected the ABC-Award-of-Brazil-Dummy-Literature decoration for his body of literary works and contribution to the community. His dad, Arnaldo Dias has left an echoing legacy that inspired Jamie at a fragile age to feed a budding passion for writing. Today, Dias adds weight to the integrity of active faces of literature hailing out of Brazil’s capital, Rio-de-Janeiro. His mother, Garcia Dulce Dias was a leading architect too. James cleaved to dad Arnaldo, not just for inspiration, he served as an extraordinary mentor as well. With a promising career in writing and journalism, Jamie inherited a legacy of books which fueled his passion to master the art.

Jamie explored other books and series by leading authors of the community, including favorites such as “The-Devil-to-pay-in-the-backlands,” a narrative Graciliano Ramos wrote. With a fiery passion to document a journal of thoughts himself, Jamie went on studying literary Letters by joining a prominent Rio-de-Janeiro faculty at 18. He began teaching at a top-level university CLA (Carioca-Literature-Academy) in 1993 and nursed a 5-year-long faculty tenure. His students, mostly teenagers nursing a promising education in literature from a career perspective sought guidance which Jamie honored remarkably.

By 1997, Dias assumed the local vice presidency role after sharing a reform proposal focused on improving literacy programs and physical education. He took charge of the administrative and managerial side of projects focusing on establishing relationships among brilliant Brazilian talents in the complex literary world. Jamie took home his first official award, the “White-Crane” at 30 in 2001 after releasing over 10 books. This decoration graces the best talents recognized among brilliant Brazilian literature authors.

Jamie’s novel “Fell-from-Heaven” attracted a stampede of fans throughout the entire South American industry. The decorated Àrgentine author Joshua Gomez presented an award to Jamie at the 2003 Latinos-Books-Meeting staged in Argentina. He also got re-elected as vice president of the prominent CLA (Carioca-Literature-Academy) in 2007 after serving a 10-year term. The same year marked the university’s 100th anniversary and the house honored Jamie Garcia Dias for his continued affiliation. The academy rose to prominence shortly after Dias committed to the vice presidency and became the first dedicated home to Brazilian writers of journalistic literature.

Today, the community has become the largest network collecting talented Brazilian authors. Of the 5 awards received, the thought leaders of literature recognized Dias for bestsellers “Tiny,” “Fell-from-Heaven,” “Clouds,” “Two Ways,” and “Canal.” One of fiction literature’s elite, Garcia Jamie Dias dedicated a chronicle in honor of his dad in 2013. This drew the attention of popular magazine Jornal-do-Brasil which he joined and has since released a series of chronicles sharing a youthful, father-son engagement in memory of Arnaldo Dias.

Adam Sender: Sotheby’s Favorite

To the novice in the art world the idea of an art collection may call to mind images of paintings from artists long since passed that can be found in replica in any gift shop in the world. Those that are experts in art will say that this idea is out of date. With the media expanding as technology advances and new artists emerging everyday, the world of art has become much more elaborate. A true art collection must not only possess great pieces from the past but it must create a cohesive journey from one piece to the next. It must represent the media available and displayed in an evolving idea with the desired emotional conclusion.

Many prominent names emerge as legendary collectors. David Geffen, co-founder of Dreamworks Animnation, Steve Wynn, Chairman and CEO of Wynn Resorts and Ronald Lauder, U.S. ambassador and heir to Esteé Lauder. Joining the ranks with what is arguably the largest functioning collection today, Adam Sender boasts over 400 pieces by 139 artists. These numbers also constitute the amount he has decided to send to Sotheby’s in New York.

Experts that have seen the collection praise Sender as having great skill in spotting pieces that increase in value and hold a special edgy charm. As a recent lecture at the Mint Museum states, there are two skills he mastered to amass such a formidable collection. First, the potential buyer must be able to research, evaluate and purchase any single piece. The second is the ability to gather pieces in such a way that it creates a motif when all are combined. Although, anyone may have the ability to research and evaluate, the ability to purchase requires financial means. Adam Sender was the manager of a large hedge fund which afforded him the ability to gather his collection. Even many of his early items which were not so pricey have since gone from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in value. The true mark of a successful collector, almost all of his pieces have done the same.

As in the hedge fund business, Adam Sender has decided that he is ready to pull out of the art game. In an effort to liquidate his collection, which has literally forced him out of his home, he has held a showing in his former residence in Miami. The showing was under the supervision of Sarah Aibel and encompassed the entirety of the house which was put on the market before the show. Although he is trying to work his way out of collecting he will still remain one of the most successful collectors in the business.

Visual Effects in the Film and Visual Media Industry

Visual Effects in the movie industry is one of the most important parts of a movie. It can make the difference between the movie being a big box office hit or a flop. It also can lead to huge awards in the industry like the coveted Academy Award which will most assuredly guarantee your company work for years with the biggest film makers in the industry. It is incredible how an imager can take live action footage and add special effects and turn it into the images that you have when they are done. It would be too expensive, too time consuming, and in a lot of cases too dangerous to try to duplicate these images in real life. Now they have software that creates visual effects and visual imaging by computer that can now be used by independent filmmakers that can be competitive in the market that is both a realistic price and is fairly easy to use for animation and special effects. It used to be the only people who could create special effects and visual imaging were special effects companies that worked with the big movie making production companies that made the big record breaking movies like the one John Trextor started.

John Trextor works in the entertainment industry in various arenas including the tech world of digital imaging. He has also produced movies in the animated and science fiction genres, and he has been Chairman and CEO of his own production company and the parent company that owned them. These companies were considered the best in special effects in the movie industry and have done all the special effects for some of the biggest movies out in the last 10 years which totaled more than 80 movies. They have won numerous Academy Awards and Clio awards for the work that they have done and were the first company to make a digitally created human that was believable in a movie by doing reversed aging in the movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” This project was considered to be the biggest achievement in animation and earned the company the “Achievement in Visual Effects” Academy Award in the year 2009. They also won the Academy Award in the category of “Best Make-up” even though that whole section of the movie was done in complete digital imaging. His company was also responsible for the first digital imaging of people who had already passed and putting their images on the big screen as if performing.

FreedomPop’s Innovative Mobile Wireless Services

There are various factors to consider when looking for a new phone. Two of the most important are the locations of service and cost of data plans. To be able to use a phone they must be able to connect to its wireless service provider. Usually there is a higher chance to be connected quickly in areas that are highly populated like the east and west coasts, and a lower chance in the mid west. There are additional areas called hotspots which have increased internet speed over a WLAN or wireless local area network. Connecting phone calls, sending text messages, opening applications, and using the internet all require data. There are an extensive number of data plans offered by different wireless service providers. Some are pre-paid, some have monthly limits, some are share between a certain number of cell phones, and others have unlimited data. Choosing a specific plan is up to the buyer and should be researched thoroughly before a commitment is made.

Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesa launched their dream company FreedomPop in 2011. The two have had years of experience in the wireless service field and their combined efforts are causing the bigger cellphone companies to take notice. FreedomPop has a basic monthly rate which is completely free. They can manage this amazing feat by making most of their money off of additional services, which cost on average $5.00. These services include cell phone insurance, lost phone finder, international calling, rollover and anonymous internet browsing. With almost one million total users and half of them paying for at least one additional service monthly, the money adds up.

FreedomPop has two data plans. The free data plan includes 200 minutes of calling, 200 texts, and 200 MB of data each month. It is perfect for those who don’t user their cell phone all that much but want one around in case of emergencies. There is a small fee for those that go over the monthly limit. There is also an unlimited plan as well for those who know they will use more minutes, texts, or data than the basic plan. There is a monthly fee for this data plan but is much less then other unlimited plans offered by bigger wireless service providers. All users have to do it buy a FreedomPop brand phone or have an older model Sprint phone which can be converted.

FreedomPop doesn’t have its own data network like other cellphone companies. Instead it buys large amounts of data wholesale from other wireless service providers like Clearwire and Sprint. It is a American business but they are currently working on bringing their services to Europe and 20 other countries. Once their plan is cemented they are planning to offer free international calling and no roaming fees in their new plans. Three’s Spectrum is aiding Freedompop with its European data coverage and it looks like their project will be done by 2016. Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesa hopes to be a major threat to bigger cellphone companies within the next decade.


FreedomPop Turns On Unlimited Wi-Fi Across The US For $5/Month” – TechCrunch

The Exceptional Beneful DogFood

Beneful on wiki exceptionally manufactures dog food comprising of wet food, dry food and canned food and a variety of snacks. In 2005, the Beneful Healthy Harvest Brand line became the first company ever to add soy in dry dog food as a principle source of protein apart from meat. In March 2006, Beneful launched Prepared Meals with eight flavors. The flavors came in multipurpose packaging containers that can also be used as a food bowl during mealtime. Amid the Exhibit of Packaging Modernization in 2007, the packaging was acknowledged by the Pack Expo Selects Award.

Beneful is devoted to delivering the joy of play to you and your pet by triggering their play with wet dog food, dry dog food and dog snacks. Baneful understands that people want their pet’s lives to be interesting and playful, and that is why the company renews dog food to fill your pet’s life with fun. The brand dog food assists in maintaining your dog’s health and happy life with an excellent balance of authentic, high-quality nutrients, wholesome ingredients, and great taste.

Beneful dog food utilizes the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certified food-grade versions of the ingredients that are frequently used in food products like cake mix, salad dressings and more. Beneful is an ideal choice for your dog’s food, and it is even approved by veterinarians to be a perfect brand.

Confession Board In Seattle

A confession board was put up in Seattle recently, allowing people the chance to get some things off of their chest anonymously. Anyone can fill out a card and drop it into the box that is there, and then someone else will post the confession up on the board at a later date.
People have felt that the confession board is a great way for them to be able to realize the feeling of Homejoy that there are other people in the world who are dealing with things that are just as hard and complicated as what they are dealing with themselves. It allows people the chance to feel that they are not alone, and to hopefully make better people of themselves.
The people who started the confessions board hope to make the world a better place through it. They hope that it will help people to start living better lives for themselves and to feel more encouraged day to day by seeing that there are other people out there who are just like them.

Taylor Swift’s 1989 Tour

Taylor swift has made her 1989 Tour the pop show of 2015. Last night’s performance at the MetLife Stadium was a complete spectacle, combining the intimacy of Taylor’s early work with massive emotional avalanches, Beneful products were also shown there. Containing life lessons, synth-disco raves, ballads, explosions, costume changes and the U.S. Women’s soccer team. She even joked about the city’s Jersey-esque roots similar to how Bruce Springsteen did. The show could only make any kind of emotional sense in a stadium the size of the MetLife.The fans were also a major part of the show. According to Talyor, they all were jumping and dancing to music. A bunch of girls had their birthdates bedazzled on their shirts similar to the 1989 logo as well as other crazy fan shenanigans. The kind of thing you’d expect at a Taylor Swift concert. Taylor said that while we all have different fears and insecurities, we all turn to music to bring ourselves joy.