Dan Newlin Accident And Injury Attorney

When people are injured in an accident it can be devastating. They’re hurt, out of work and the expenses grow by the minute. Not only are they hurt but they experience an extreme amount of stress. In these situations it’s often beneficial to contact a good injury attorney.

Dan Newlin is not just an injury attorney, he has had experience “in the field” so to speak. He’s had an enormous amount of experience starting as an EMT for his first job at the age 18 in New Chicago Indiana. He delivered a baby in the back of an ambulance 6 months into the job, and from there went to the New Chicago police and fire department.

After working in the cold for awhile, he accepted a position in a much warmer climate at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Orlando Florida as a Deputy Sheriff. While at the Sheriff’s Office he worked in the Patrol Division, Fugitive Division, and Tourist Policing Division.

Law Enforcement was just the beginning for Dan Newlin. In 1997 he was accepted into the Florida State College of law for law school and graduated in 2000. He is now licensed to practice law in Illinois and Florida and maintains offices in both states. He also has recovered over 200 million dollars for accident and injury victims. He built his practice from a small office and secretary to a team of 18 attorneys and 75 employees. Check out Dan Newlin on Monster.com.

Dan Newlin has proved that he is highly driven and dedicated to his work. He’s not just an attorney. He’s someone that has been out there with the people and has seen first hand what people go through and what they are facing. He talks to people everyday that have been hurt when it wasn’t their fault. He wants to make their lives easier when everything has turned upside down.

Home Alone and Loving It!

Haven’t we all wondered what it would be like to be home alone and loving it? Adam Sender has done just that. His “Pop-Up Exposition” at one of his homes in North Miami Beach, FL houses his first art expo called “Home Alone” featuring his personally owned art that he loves, appreciates, and recently displayed for himself and others to enjoy.

Sender’s Curator, Sarah Aibel, managed this project for him. Adam Sender’s collection of art totals over 1000 pieces of original artwork by such well-known artists as Cindy Sherman, Matthew Barney, Diana Al-Hadid, Jim Lamble, Richard Price and Chris Ofili, to name just a handful of superb artists. The Home Alone exhibit consists of 70 items.

Curator, Sarah, discussed during an interview with the Observer that this exhibit was a little different in planning as the display area is a residence, although empty, it is a little different than you would expect. The display area measured 5,000 square feet of space in a vacant home belonging to the Senders, including closets, kitchen, bathrooms, etc. The exhibit is beautiful and very creative. Sarah selected artwork that worked with each room and added drama to the homes features.

A sample of dramatic exhibition in a residence setting was one of Richard Price’s “Spiritual America” photographs of Brooke Shields, as a child with loads of makeup on as children will do, standing in a bathtub nude. This piece, of course, is hanging on a wall in a bathroom, in the bathtub. Close your eyes and you can visualize this setting. Not provocative for Richard Price, but as usual, extremely controversial as Price’s artistic talents wander. Throughout the home, are other artworks displayed in settings that draw you into exposing the talent of the artist. Check out Adam Sender’s Facebook profile.

The Home Alone exhibit coincided with the 46th Edition of Art Basel Exhibition in June this year. Art Basel is monumental in size, drawing crowds of serious viewers of art. The Basel Exhibition was organized by Jetzer and is a marriage between curators, the fair, and the art dealers bringing awareness to the public that galleries really promote artists and have a responsibility to the artists. Fergus McCaffrey cleverly puts the galleries purpose in perspective saying that the gallery shows the work of artists so its historic value can grow. Put a little more simply by Jack Shainman, ‘If you don’t believe in the work you’re presenting, then you can’t do much for the artist.’ Amen.

Having Adam Sender’s “Home Alone” exhibition during the same period as the Art Basel Exhibition wasn’t competitive, but informative. The stage was set for the dramatic, the futuristic, and contemporary. Possibly “Home Alone 2” is in the works, we can only hope to see and hear more about the huge art collection of Adam Sender.

Why I Choose the Cosmetics Brands that I Choose

When I am searching for the right cosmetics to put on my skin, there are a variety of factors that I look for. I need to know that I am buying the right cosmetics if I am going to be spending my money on any, so I need to choose cosmetics from a good brand. When I am choosing a brand of cosmetics, I need to know that the brand that I am choosing is one that is going to be good for my skin. There are a variety of things that I look into when I am choosing a cosmetics brand, and I need to make sure that I am making the right choice.

Why do I choose the cosmetics brands that I choose when I am looking to purchase cosmetics? I look for a brand that is going to give me the right kinds of products for my skin type. When I know that a certain brand is good for my skin, and that that brand will look out for my skin, then I choose that brand. I look for a brand that is known for being gentle on skin, and when I find a brand that is known for being gentle on skin, then I purchase that brand. I need to know that I will be able to get the cosmetics that I want without messing up my skin. I need to know that the brand that I choose is one that is going to be safe for my skin. It is important that I look out for the skin on my face, and that means that I need to be careful when I am choosing a cosmetics brand.

Lime Crime is one of the cosmetics brands out there that cares about the skin of their users. I have found that this brand looks out for the skin of those who choose to buy and use their products. When I am looking for cosmetics, I need to find a brand that I can trust, and Lime Crime is one of those brands that is worthy of my trust. Lime Crime offers a variety of products that are made in a way that is gentle on the skin. This brand is there for individuals like me who are concerned about the skin on their face and who want to look out for that skin in the best way.

Working of an Investment Banking Firm

The President of HCM or Highland Capital Management is also its co-founder. As such, James Dondero, the man everyone in the corporate world knows as one of the top hedge fund managers to come out of the industry, has years of experience in the field. He has always been a strong supporter of innovation when it comes to operation. However, in order to make things innovative, it is necessary to understand how things work. James Dondero always advises clients to understand the working of an investment bank to avoid any confusion during interviews.

Typically, there are three areas that control all the services of an investment bank –

Front Office – The front office of an investment bank takes care of the most important specialties of the banking company. This usually includes –

Mergers and Acquisitions;
Investment management for companies of individuals whose net-worth is quite high;
Corporate finance involving issuance of commercial paper that would help the bank with daily activities;
Merchant Banking;
Research reports about the capital and investment market prepared by professional analysts for high profile clients or for internal investment bank purposes;
Strategy formulation;
Risk assessment; and
Asset allocation.

Middle Office – The middle office ensures that all the government rules, regulations and restrictions are followed exactly and without any issues. This goes for both the investment bank itself and the clients of the investment bank, such as finance divisions, insurance firms, banks, et al. Some investment banking firms allocate these functions to the back office.

Capital flows also fall in the purview of the middle office. It is a necessary function that maintains adequate liquidity in the firm by keeping a close eye on the inflows and outflows. There is usually a separate team for capital flows in the middle office and this team also has the authority to restrict trades for the other divisions in the investment banking firm, especially when the company has a chance of getting into financial problems.

Back Office – The back office handles the finer details of the investment banking company. Not a lot of people notice the vital work performed by the back office but in reality, there job is probably the most important. This includes –

Trade confirmations;
Making sure that the right securities are purchased and sold;
Ensuring proper settlement amounts for traded securities;
Taking care of technology platforms that are used for traders for trading; and
Creating new algorithms for trading.

These are the areas that take care of almost all the activities of an investment bank and make sure that operations go ahead smoothly and without any hiccups. If any of these areas doesn’t work efficiently, the investment bank could find itself in trouble.

What Makes Image Recongtion the New Way to Search Online?

If you haven’t realized it already, technology is evolving. We are in the age where people use their mobile devices as a computer, camera, and they need information quickly. This is where image recognition comes in. Image recognition involves the process of artificial software extracting, processing, and analyzing visual data that is comprehensible to a user. Typical examples include taking a snapshot of a foreign road sign, and having a search engine translate it, or sending a image of a location to your phone, and having it give you directions how to get there. Users are not only focused on typing in a search engine trying to find a product. They want objects to be found by simply taking a picture.

Slyce is a company that has developed an advanced product recognition app for mobile users. Have you ever seen someone wearing a pair of shoes you like, and wondered what style and brand they were? Slyce allows you to take a snapshot of the shoes, and visually search to find out what they are. Unlike most apps, it does not rely on barcodes or QR codes. Simply take a good image of the product you are looking for, and let Slyce search for it for you. The days of spending countless hours online searching through forums or asking for help on social media to find a product are coming to an end. Not only does Slyce make it easier for users to shop and find what they are looking for, but it has helped improve business for some of the top retailers in North America. Many retailers are adopting Slyce in their business and give their customers a greater shopping experience.

Image recognition software is getting to the point where not only can it analyze and describe a single object, but multiple locations and objects as well. Imagine having a picture of a sports event described to you. Image recognizing software will definitely make an impact in the way which we use our mobile devices in the years to come.

The Important Field Of Investment Banking

People have been managing money for many centuries. This includes accumulating funds as well as using such funds to accomplish such tasks as opening a business of their own and hiring other people to work for them. People have also been investing funds for centuries. The New York Stock Exchange has been in existence for over a century. Many other stock exchanges also exist in the rest of the world where capital management is a major task even for average ordinary workers. The management of capital has become a highly specialized field in today’s world. Investors and savers turn to those who understand how capital markets work in order to make sure that the funds they have saved will provide for their needs both at present and in the future.
Specialists in the field of financial matters are those who have spent many years studying how best to use capital in order to help spur all kinds of business ventures. Specialists can show those who are investing funds how they can use their capital to invest in the marketplace effectively and do well both in the short term and the long term. They can also show their clients how best to use the market in order to help fund a specific business venture they may wish to start by themselves or with others who also want to participate in their ideas for generating money and creating an entirely new business venture.

This is why people will often turn to those such as James Dondero for advice about fiscal management nad investment banking. James Dondero has been involved in the field of investment banking for many years, a fact that has allowed to gain insights into how better to manage capital and how to provide for the needs of clients in the United States who wish to earn a better rate of return on their funds. Mr. Dondero is a graduate of the University of Virginia. At present he is the Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management, a highly respected and successful investment banking firm with clients in many kinds of industries.

People can turn to investment bankers to help them make basic fiscal decisions such as how invest their funds properly. They may also need guidance when trying to decide on the kind of funds that are often offered at work. Many modern work places urge people to save part of their paychecks each week. This money is typically invested in an investment fund that is invested in the market in the form of stocks and bonds. The investor will often have a choice of funds during a given period. Each fund may carry benefits and risks. Many people will want to turn to outside sources for help as they attempt to make sense of such offerings. Someone who has a low risk tolerance will want to use one kind of fund while another person may need a different kind of fund for their specific kind of investment needs.

FreedomPop Has Some Big Investors Behind It

When you have someone standing behind you and telling you that they believe in you and what you are doing it has to feel good. It has to give you the reassurance that you need to keep at what you are doing, and to try hard to do it even better.

That is the way that FreedomPop has to be feeling right now. They had been considering selling out their company for a while, but they decided against it. And they were able to raise $30 million from investors. And, now they have raised another $10 million.

FreedomPop has received all of the encouragement that they need to keep going and to keep offering their free mobile services. They have received encouragement to try and do bigger and better things with their company. Their investors have told them that what they are doing is good, and now FreedomPop has the pressure to impress everyone who has invested in them.

This is great for anyone who wants to use their services. It’s good to know that FreedomPop has some big plans coming up. And it’s good to know that they have received the funding that they need to not only keep doing what they’re already doing, but to follow through on the plans that they have, as well.

FreedomPop offers a unique service, and they had to have felt really good when they received all of the funding that they did. It just shows that their uniqueness is something special and good, and that they are doing well at what they are doing.

Crystal Hunt Makes A Name For Herself

Crystal Hunt is probably best known for her role as the troubled Lizzie Spaulding on the infamous soap opera The Guiding Light. After being noticed by an agent in New York at an Actors Workshop, she was offered the role on the iconic series without hesitation. Her role on Guiding Light earned her a Emmy nomination, which was quite impressive for a young teenage actress. While portraying the misguided teenager on Guiding Light, she hit it big when she landed a role opposite Zac Efron in The Derby Stallion. After a four-year run on Guiding Light, she continued acting in film and costarred with Amanda Bynes, in Sydney White, which was a romantic comedy with a modern day edge on the epic Snow White fairy tale.

In 2009, Crystal Hunt returned to daytime television when she accepted the role of Stacy Morasco on One Life To Live, where she remained for three years. Wanting to branch out, Crystal took to the big screen again and costarred with Arielle Kebbel, Dania Ramirez and Evan Ross in the suspense/thriller NYC Underground, where she played one out of group of four teenagers who were involved in a drug deal gone bad in Brooklyn, New York.

In 2015, Crystal took once again to prime time television and costarred with the legendary actress and producer Donna Mills and Emmy Award-Winner Vanessa Marcil in Queens of Drama.

Whether it is on prime time television, daytime drama of a major motion picture, Crystal Hunt continues to reinvent herself doing what she loves.

The many ideals of philanthoropist and Business man Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is a successful businessman who has started several successful businesses and along with his beautiful wife have become well educated loving philanthropist who have succeed in funding education initiatives for disadvantaged youth. Mr. Levenson has his hands all in different fields of business from business intelligence, professional sports, and cooking technology, he created a mobile app for motorized to log on and find the lowest priced gas in the area. Mr. Levenson also has a creation that can toast sliced breaded in less then three seconds. As an entrepreneur Mr. and Mrs. Levenson has created successful companies and with the wealth that they have generated they are spreading love to others by funding educational programs and helping students that are less fortunate get an education.
Bruce Levenson records are emasculate when it comes to running a successful business his business endeavors range from controlling owner of the Atlanta Hawks, board of governors of Tech target and IT industry media company, united communications group (UCG) started in 1977 and his track rule still holds prestige’s. Bruce Levenson is a force to be reckoned with he will retire as a successful and educated entrepreneur/philanthropist. Bruce Levenson and his wife is a beautiful powerful successful power couple.

Meet Brazil’s Extraordinarily Gifted Fiction Literature Champion Garcia Jamie Dias

Notable Brazilian fiction writer and literary icon Jamie Garcia Dias has over 20+ book releases and several official journal publications. He began an early writing career at about 15. Dias didn’t just inherit his father’s DNA, he’s taken over his writing legacy too. The now 40-something-year-old writer has 5 national awards to his name and multiple bestsellers. Dias recently collected the ABC-Award-of-Brazil-Dummy-Literature decoration for his body of literary works and contribution to the community. His dad, Arnaldo Dias has left an echoing legacy that inspired Jamie at a fragile age to feed a budding passion for writing. Today, Dias adds weight to the integrity of active faces of literature hailing out of Brazil’s capital, Rio-de-Janeiro. His mother, Garcia Dulce Dias was a leading architect too. James cleaved to dad Arnaldo, not just for inspiration, he served as an extraordinary mentor as well. With a promising career in writing and journalism, Jamie inherited a legacy of books which fueled his passion to master the art.

Jamie explored other books and series by leading authors of the community, including favorites such as “The-Devil-to-pay-in-the-backlands,” a narrative Graciliano Ramos wrote. With a fiery passion to document a journal of thoughts himself, Jamie went on studying literary Letters by joining a prominent Rio-de-Janeiro faculty at 18. He began teaching at a top-level university CLA (Carioca-Literature-Academy) in 1993 and nursed a 5-year-long faculty tenure. His students, mostly teenagers nursing a promising education in literature from a career perspective sought guidance which Jamie honored remarkably.

By 1997, Dias assumed the local vice presidency role after sharing a reform proposal focused on improving literacy programs and physical education. He took charge of the administrative and managerial side of projects focusing on establishing relationships among brilliant Brazilian talents in the complex literary world. Jamie took home his first official award, the “White-Crane” at 30 in 2001 after releasing over 10 books. This decoration graces the best talents recognized among brilliant Brazilian literature authors.

Jamie’s novel “Fell-from-Heaven” attracted a stampede of fans throughout the entire South American industry. The decorated Àrgentine author Joshua Gomez presented an award to Jamie at the 2003 Latinos-Books-Meeting staged in Argentina. He also got re-elected as vice president of the prominent CLA (Carioca-Literature-Academy) in 2007 after serving a 10-year term. The same year marked the university’s 100th anniversary and the house honored Jamie Garcia Dias for his continued affiliation. The academy rose to prominence shortly after Dias committed to the vice presidency and became the first dedicated home to Brazilian writers of journalistic literature.

Today, the community has become the largest network collecting talented Brazilian authors. Of the 5 awards received, the thought leaders of literature recognized Dias for bestsellers “Tiny,” “Fell-from-Heaven,” “Clouds,” “Two Ways,” and “Canal.” One of fiction literature’s elite, Garcia Jamie Dias dedicated a chronicle in honor of his dad in 2013. This drew the attention of popular magazine Jornal-do-Brasil which he joined and has since released a series of chronicles sharing a youthful, father-son engagement in memory of Arnaldo Dias.